Toys for Boys: A comprehensive kit for the sun, sand and sea

Toys for Boys: A comprehensive kit for the sun, sand and sea

Beach, please

Text: Andrea Sim

From basking in the Côte D’Azur to lounging at Tanjong Beach Club in Sentosa, these Berluti Beach Essentials make sure you needn’t forgo the style factor

How else will you cool off after baking in searing 35 degree heat? Why, by making a big splash in the deep, blue sea, of course. This waterproof pair of swim trunks from Berluti are as secure as they get, with an additional press stud and hook for a svelte cinched waist.

Channel your inner Dickie Greenleaf and settle for nothing less than a pair of jute rope woven espadrilles. Anything of the rubber variety? Bin it. This isn't the Jersey Shore. Fitted with an upper cut from kangaroo skin, look forward to transforming the patina by clocking in hours under the sun. Summer pet project, anyone? 

If your days are spent parleying over conference calls, picking up a racket and hitting a few loose balls should work off the steam. Crafted by French beach equipment company, Beach Access, in collaboration with Berluti, these rackets are fashioned by hand and come with Venezia leather grips. Relax — they're also waterproof and float in both fresh and seawater. 

Roomy, practical and lasting. Berluti's Tela canvas bag spun from cotton and linen was built to carry your beach kit all day long. Round handles for easy lifting and toting, with leather trimmings that stay true to Berluti's core — perfect for throwing in all of the above and more. We suggest including a bottle of coconut water to avoid dehydration.

The Beach Essentials kit is available at Berluti boutiques.