5 questions with The Armoury

5 questions with The Armoury

Dapper men

Text: Wong Renjie

Over lunch with our favourite haberdashers – Jeremy Kirkland, Jake Grantham, Alan See, Mark Cho and Alex Pirounis – we chat about style icons and elegant cities

So what's up, guys?
Jake: It's been a busy morning — we just came out from a bunch of meetings, dropped by the Drake's and Orazio Luciano stands to pick out what we'll be selling this year, and we're going to see Tie Your Tie later. Fabrizio, can I have the penne all'arrabbiata, per favore?

It's all chaos and pandemonium at Pitti, but which stands, well, stand out?
Alan: Hmm, the Drake's stand looks fantastic, and the Orazio Luciano stand really blew us away for some reason... [laughs] No, but seriously, though — we are our first customers, and they truly have brilliant stuff year after year.

If you had to pick one person who would still look incredibly elegant and relevant in fifty or a hundred years, who would it be?
Alex: It's gotta be [Marcello] Mastroianni. He was so consistently stylish throughout his entire career.

What's the most effortlessly genteel place in the world?
Mark: Florence, probably. It's one of those things where both the city is gorgeous, and the people have a really natural grace about them.

And what's your favourite place to go to in Florence?
Jeremy: The Liverano store — it's usually the first place we go to every time we're in town. Antonio [the founder] has got a great impact on what we do, so I would say that's our top pick in the city.