Vogue Singapore: What we'd like to see in the new fashion magazine when it launches in September 2020

Vogue Singapore: What we'd like to see in the new fashion magazine when it launches in September 2020

Fingers crossed

Text: Gordon Ng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Chanel

In case you hadn't heard, Singapore is getting its own edition of Vogue come September. The new magazine will be published by the same parent company of Buro. Singapore, so you know it's going to be good. While the biggest fashion news to come out of our little nation is mostly shrouded in mystery for now, we gathered a wishlist of things we hope to see from Vogue Singapore.

More models of colour

Fashion publishing in Singapore — like much of the world — is largely trapped in a Eurocentric beauty ideal. Save for August issues that celebrate the nation, many print titles are stuck casting Caucasian models for their covers and fashion spreads. Fingers crossed that the local edition of Vogue will be a standard bearer for diversity that represents more accurately our cosmopolitan city.

More writers

Vogue may be known as a fashion Bible, but it's also been famous for publishing some amazing writing by legends such as Joan Didion. It may be a bit of a bygone fantasy in an age of visuals-over-text, but Vogue has a real opportunity to join Buro. Singapore in being another platform for local writers and bolstering a healthy cultural conversation around Singapore.

A framework to support local fashion businesses

It's unlikely we'll ever have the sort of massive budget that American Vogue's Fashion Fund boasts, but it's still important our local edition supports local designers and businesses. That could come through partnerships with retailers and designers to increase the profile of Singaporean fashion, or even making fashion week happen here again.

Original content by Singaporean creatives

It's temptingly easy at times, with licensed international titles, to syndicate content from bigger international editions. That, however, would be a disservice to the many talented stylists, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, illustrators, writers, videographers, and creatives (whatever their mediums may be) that are based in Singapore. There's real talent here that deserves to be nurtured and celebrated.

Make our celebrities cool

The publishing world changed when Anna Wintour started putting focus on celebrities in the OG Vogue. That comes with its own problems and challenges, but the Singapore edition stands a real chance to re-shape the way we view and talk about our local celebrities. The title could be a sort of cultural kingmaker — it has the power to set the tone of who's worth talking about, and the optics of featuring such individuals. Whether we think they're cool, fashionable, or interesting at all, will depend on how Vogue Singapore approaches its celebrity features.