Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd on the best workout gear, her YouTube channel, and partying in Greece with Net-a-Porter

Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd on the best workout gear, her YouTube channel, and partying in Greece with Net-a-Porter

Hot summer nights

Text: Ryan Sng

Image: Instagram

Do Victoria's Secret Angels really have more fun? If one was hoping for a negative response on that question, it would be wise to avoid talking to Romee Strijd. The effusively bubbly model — who's recently launched her own YouTube channel — is out there living her best life, from pursuing new opportunities offered by her Angel status to partying the nights away in Greece with the Net-a-Porter crowd, as part of its Jet-a-Porter festivities. We spoke to the enviably upbeat model about being yourself on camera, plane journey playlists, and sparkly dresses whose glimmer puts the Mediterranean sea to shame.

What has been Victoria’s Secret’s impact on your life? 

Romee Strijd (RS):
It’s been a huge influence on my career, Victoria’s Secret is a huge platform and opened many doors for me.

Now that you vlog on YouTube, is there another side of your personality that you’re excited to show fans? 

Yes, totally, I’d love to show a little more realness. Us Angels are not always picture-perfect, we’re a little crazy like everyone else and love to have fun!

What are your best tips for aspiring vloggers? 

Be yourself! It’s hard, but once you are confident with the camera it’s so much more fun and easy.

What’s the best song to listen to while traveling?
When I’m travelling, I listen to a mix of everything. If I’m tired, it’s usually slow songs, but if I’m about to land and need some energy, it’d definitely be ‘I Don’t Care’ by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber!

What’s your go-to workout outfit? 

RS: A Victoria’s Secret VSX sports bra, preferably in a neon colour for the summer.

What in your wardrobe sparks the most joy? 

My glittery dresses, for dancing at night!

What’s your go-to swimwear style? 

RS: Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of high-cut ‘90s bottoms. I’m not quite sure what they’re called, exactly!

On the plane, what’s your go-to comfort outfit? 

Track pants, with a sweater or hoodie.

Where were you mostly recently?

RS: In breathtaking Greece, with Net-a-Porter. It was so amazingly peaceful and beautiful, and the vibe was so relaxed. Having long dinners at the Amanzoe resort with a cool group of people — then going dancing after — is the best use of a summer, if you ask me!

Shop Romee Strijd's Grecian holiday outfits below:

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