Tory Burch on her Gemini Link collection and life’s dualities

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Tory Burch on her Gemini Link collection and life’s dualities
We find out what the new Gemini Link motif represents to the designer

Tell us more about the Gemini Link and how it came about?
A year ago, we were thinking about different takes on our double-T logo. Our jewellery team enlarged the design and began experimenting with it — folding it for a cuff, a ring. Then, we came up with a motif we called the Gemini Link, which is distinguished by symmetrical double links. We loved it so much that we incorporated it into our collection across ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags and jewellery.

Can you explain the design behind the Gemini Link motif?
With its symmetrical double links, the motif celebrates duality, which defines women's lives today.
You mention that everyone has two sides. What are your two sides like? Are they two completely different personas?
Two is a significant number for me. I am the mother of twins and I am a Gemini. We all have two sides to us. I have a business side and a creative side and I always say that I'd be equally happy living on a farm or in the centre of a busy city. Our lives are full of these dualities — both big and small. 

How do you balance the duality of your professional and personal life?
Balancing work and family has always been my greatest challenge. It is something I work on every day.  For me, it comes down to setting clear priorities — my boys come first no matter what — and time management is key. It helps that I am very good at multitasking. I always say that I couldn't be a good CEO if I weren't a good mom first.

Your zodiac sign is a Gemini. What attributes of a Gemini do you feel you have evidently inherited?
Curiosity, creativity and a tendency to see two sides to every story.

Who do you think you're a mirror image of? It could be anybody — someone you know or perhaps a famous celebrity...
My parents. My mom taught me that family is everything. She set a high bar and hopefully I am living up to it. I am by nature calm and patient, which was instilled in me at an early age by my father. He was one of the most patient people I have ever met.

Seeing as how two is a significant number for you, would you consider yourself superstitious in some ways? If yes, what are your little superstitious quirks?
I definitely have a superstitious side. I always carry a red ribbon for good luck. It's a family tradition passed down from my grandmother. Any time my boys go away, I tie a red ribbon to their suitcase or to their wrist.
Let's play a round of Complete the Sentence:

It takes two to... play tennis.

My favourite duo is.... my twin boys, Henry and Nicholas.

It's twice as nice when... you add spice — I put hot sauce on everything.

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

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