The Buro 24/7 Guide to Singapore Fashion Week 2016

The Buro 24/7 Guide to Singapore Fashion Week 2016

Everything you need to know

Text: Bianca Husodo

The breakdown of the city’s biggest fashion fete

This year, the newly rebranded Singapore Fashion Week (SGFW) retraces its Asian roots with a power lineup of international, regional, and local designers to hit the two runways at the National Gallery. Joining forces with Digital Fashion Week, all shows will be live-streamed through a 360 degree virtual reality on Singapore Fashion Week Access' platform.

The stellar all-Asian cast won't be complete without some of these international and regional labels taking centre stage. From haute couture to ready-to-wear, here are the three shows you don't want to miss.

1. Guo Pei spring/summer 2017 Courtyard collection
Fun fact: If the name sounds familiar, you'd probably remember the couturier's trailing canary gown Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala
When and where: 26 October at 6.45pm (first seating) and 8.15pm (second seating), Supreme Court Terrace

2. Naeem Khan spring/summer 2017
Fun fact: The CFDA designer's eponymous label recently dressed the First Lady, Michelle Obama in an iconic yellow dress while hosting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during his state visit to the White House
When and where: 19 October at 8.30pm, Supreme Court Terrace

3. Self-Portrait spring 2017
Fun fact: The London-based label of Malaysian-native Han Chong's gathers the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rachel McAdams, Miranda Kerr and Kristen Stewart as adoring fans
When and where: 30 October at 7.30pm, Supreme Court Terrace
Local notables include Ong Shunmugam and Fashion Futures designers Max.Tan, Stolen and Aijek — but do keep your eyes peeled for these string of fashion week debuts: new womenswear Nude Femme, Arissa Cheo's womenswear and accesories label Arissa X, and independent label Chi Chi Von Tang.

1. Max.Tan spring/summer 2017 presented by Microsoft Surface
When and where: 26 October at 9.30pm, Auditorium Foyer

2. Ong Shunmugam cheongsam 2017
When and where: 29 October at 7pm, Supreme Court Terrace

3. Aijek fall/winter 2016
When and where: 28 October at 6pm, Auditorium Foyer

4. Stolen spring/summer 2017
When and where: 29 October at 8pm, Auditorium Foyer

5. Exhibit fall/winter 2016
When and where: 28 October at 10.30pm, Supreme Court Terrace

6. Arissa X Collection No 1
When and where: 29 October at 10pm, Supreme Court Terrace

7. Chi Chi Von Tang Anime collection
When and where: 28 October at 9pm, Auditorium Foyer

8. Nude Femme cruise 2016/2017
When and where: 30 October at 6pm, Auditorium Foyer

9. Nida Shay
When and where:  29 October at 6pm, Auditorium Foyer

10. Mashizan spring/summer 2017
When and where: 30 October at 9pm, Auditorium Foyer

max tan
Ticketed shows can be purchased at 

Held at Lasalle College of the Arts, the three-day talks invite industry insiders — from designers, editors to social media powerhouses — to shed light on the rise of fashion and technology. 

1. In Conversation with Singapore's Leading Editors
Who: Terence Lee (editor of Nuyou), Noelle Loh (editor of Female), Reta Lee (group editor of New Media), Niki Bruce (editor of, Barbara Koh (editor-in-chief of The Singapore Women's Weekly), and Charmaine Ho (executive editor of Harper's Bazaar Singapore)
What: You'll get to pick these editors' brains on the rise of the digital landscape and technology with a focus on how it's influencing the traditional print industry
When: 25 October at 11.30am

2. Microsoft Surface: Fashion x Technology
Who: Local designer Max Tan, Microsoft's colour and material designer Rachael Bell and our very own Friend of Buro, Yvette King, who will be moderating the session. 
What: Discover the use of materials in fashion and technology with an insight on Tan and Bell's experiences on fusing the two different realms
When: 26 October at 10am

3. How Social Media Boosts the Launch of Asia's Fashion Brands
Who: Namcha Tea of Sheranut, Kelbin Lei of Klei by Kelbin Lei, Olivia Lazuardy of Cälla Atelier, and moderated by Nellie Lim
What: These up-and-coming fashion designers share their journey and the challenges of utilising social platforms as a marketing tool
When: 27 October at 10am

4. In Conversation with Naeem Khan and Adam Roth
Who: Naeem Khan, Adam Roth, and moderated by Harper's Bazaar Singapore's editor-in-chief, Kenneth Goh
What: Designer Naeem Khan is joined by CFDA's Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Adam Roth, to talk about his eponymous label's growth as a renowned global brand 
When: 27 October at 11.30am

All talks are open to the public and tickets can be purchased at 

What's the point of fashion week if you don't get to indulge in a little bit of shopping? In tandem with the major shake-up of the see-now-buy-now model adopted by leading powerhouses such as Burberry, Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren, select collections from the SGFW runways will be available for purchase fresh off the runways. Find out what to buy and where to go, below.

1. SGFW & Co
What: Mashizan's shoes and Nida Shay's ready-to-wear
When and where: 30 October at Gallery & Co.

2. Zalora
What: Fashion Future 2.0 designers Max.Tan, Aijek, and Stolen's latest collections
When and where: Available now at Zalora

3. Boutique Fairs Singapore
What: Chi Chi Von Tang's apparel and ALT's jewellery
When and where: 4-5 November at the F1 Pit Building

Expect frows to include Friend of Buro DJ Rosalyn Lee and Buro Backseat host Tracy Phillips, the USA-based Korean Youtuber Jenn Im, The Paper Bunny founder and Insta-famous flat-lay stylist, Jaime Lee, and illustrator-cum-social-media-star Sophia Chang.

Rosalyn Lee
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