#BuroLive Episode 39: Sunglasses for every face shape

#BuroLive Episode 39: Sunglasses for every face shape

Sunny side up

Text: Jolene Khor

Are you the type to go round and round? Or are you in the habit of giving someone the cat eye?

As far as accessories are concerned, sunglasses are the trickiest to ace. If you're thinking of wearing a statement necklace for instance, you'll never go wrong by muting the colours in your outfit and stowing other jewellery. Speaking of jewellery, when attempting the ring stack, the rule is that there are none. Easy peasy.

But with eyewear, there are a few more factors to consider. A bit of science is involved. Different weather conditions require different materials. Different occasions call for different lenses. And then comes the task of picking a pair to suit your face shape, one only slightly less painful than trying on jeans. Ok fine, a lot less painful.

Along with associate fashion editor Jolene Khor, editor-in-chief Norman Tan and our beloved intern Pramila G discuss their favourite pieces from the Luxottica umbrella this season, which are their go-to silhouettes and why breaking the rules is half the fun.

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