#StyleCrush: Veronika Heilbrunner, stylist and founder of

#StyleCrush: Veronika Heilbrunner, stylist and founder of

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Text: Andrea Sim

Street style star and the face of Sportmax resort 2016, Veronika Heilbrunner shares her fashion travel essentials and the clothes she steals from boyfriend Justin O'Shea

Recognisable in an instant by her strikingly tall stature and low-key ensembles, the stylist and founder of Hey Woman! is known for coasting along in a cool pair of trainers during fashion week. Amidst the sartorial circus that ensues, you'll find her outfitted in her cocktail best from Erdem and Christopher Kane grounded by a pair of Nike AirForce 1s or Timberland hiking boots.

Alongside boyfriend Justin O'Shea, Heilbrunner and her distinct style is frequently captured by street style photographers Tommy Ton and Phil Oh, but she was most recently in front of the camera for a different reason. Our latest #StyleCrush starred in Sportmax's resort 2016 campaign, looking every bit the laidback, pared-down style icon she is. 

Here, learn from the woman herself as she reveals her top Sportmax resort pick, the 'fashion faux pas' that birthed her signature look, and the items in her closet O'Shea would get rid off pronto. 

1. A black leather jacket is her travel essential
"I'll bring my classic black leather jacket everywhere I travel. It's already very used and worn which is why I love it. A chic black dress looks just so much cooler with this jacket over my shoulders."

2. A fashion faux pas is not all bad 
"Often, a fresh way of wearing things are born out of dressing 'wrongly'. Quite a few seasons ago, while I was in Paris for the fashion shows, I was wearing a beautiful snow white cocktail dress and had many appointments to go to. Without a car to take me around, I wore my neon pink Nike sneakers to be practical, but brought my suede pumps in my bag with me just in case. Justin saw me in between my appointments and told me how cool it looked. I never took the pumps out in the end, and from that day on, I've been wearing Nike sneakers with all my elegant dresses."

#StyleCrush: Veronika Heilbrunner, stylist and founder of (фото 1)

3. German actress Hannah Herzsprung loves her style
"I had to style the amazing Hannah Herzsprung for a shoot once, and I was so nervous just thinking about how to get her into the look I had picked out for her. We had a call to speak about the shoot to get to know her personal choices better, and the first thing she said was that she loved my personal style, especially the sneakers. I was shocked and delighted that she had even heard about me and that she liked me. The shoot went so well and it's my best fashion memory yet." 

4. Every woman needs a pair of wide cropped trousers  
"The wide cropped trousers from Sportmax are a staple every woman should have. They look great with elegant heels, platform sandals and sneakers. Even in the cold, they work well with ankle boots." 

5. She loves a good jumpsuit
"The black jumpsuit from Sportmax for example, works day and night thanks to the loose-fit silhouette and great tailoring. In the day, I'll wear it with sneakers and a turtleneck. In the evening, I'll add on a sparkly bag and pair it with loafers and silk socks." 

6. She's extremely practical when it comes to getting dressed
"Pragmatism is key for me. What the weather is like and what is on my schedule helps me decide what to wear. I love dressing up, but I want to be comfortable too. I can't work if I'm too hot or too cold, or restricted by shapes and lengths of clothing that do not suit me entirely."

#StyleCrush: Veronika Heilbrunner, stylist and founder of (фото 2)

7. Justin O'Shea likes it best when she's in the simplest outfit
"A black T-shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers and no make-up is Justin O'Shea's favourite outfit on me. But, he also loves to see me dressed up in something stunning and gets excited when I am wearing something that he's bought me. I'm lucky!"

8. She borrows his winter coats
"I love stealing his winter coats. It's oversized on me and I think it looks super cool that way. His suit trousers also fit me perfectly, and I love wearing them with a silk top or a turtleneck."

Veronika Heilbrunner and Justin O'Shea

9. Justin O'Shea would get rid of her shearling coats if he could
"I treasure my cream coloured vintage shearling coats a lot, but he isn't too happy about the fact that the suede sticks to his black suits."

10. She only gets her sneakers from the real sports brands
"Nike and Adidas are my absolute favorites. I like either real technical sports shoes or a retro sneaker. They just feel more real to me."