#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York

Top ten style tips

#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York
With an arsenal of It-bags and hats to complement her signature pared-back style, Erica Choi is an authority on accessories. In a Buro exclusive, the digital art director of shares her personal style tips

Erica Choi is the creative eye behind online e-tailer That enticing minimalistic layout and aesthetic — that's at least partly responsible for us whipping out our plastic each time we visit — is all in a day's work for Choi. But that's not her only forte. Just scroll through her Instagram account (@eggcanvas) and you'll see that this woman also has killer personal style. 

If Choi is already part of your pictorial lexicon on Insta, then you're privvy to her stylish jaunts around the Big Apple (effortlessly cool ensembles with a smart streetwear edge) and tempting food shots peppered with covetable accessories (think: Proenza Schouler bag, Dior shades and a canary yellow Valextra wallet). #Want 

In an exclusive interview with Buro, Choi shares her personal style tips and schools us on the importance of accessories, finding the right jacket, and working hard towards a goal (read: saving for your next bag purchase).  

Peaches and Proenza | @eggcanvas

1. Style is a form of communication
"When you get dressed in the morning, it's a form of self expression and it involves deciding who you are going to be that day. It's communication that needs no dialogue."  

2. Invest in your accessories
"Bags are my greatest weakness when it comes to accessories, followed closely by shoes. Clothing wise, I do take inspiration from the designers' collections, but I tend to invest in simpler, key pieces that I amp up with accessories." 

#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York (фото 1)

3. Shield your eyes
"Sunglasses are the one thing in my wardrobe that I cannot live without. Not only are they the cherry on top of an ensemble, but I strongly believe in the need to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays." 

#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York (фото 2)

4. Platforms are the saving grace of the petite
"My latest purchase is a pair of dark grey Stella McCartney platform loafers. I am over the moon that they are having a moment now. I am on the petite side, and any boost in my height is always welcome. I also have the Stella McCartney Britt shoes (they're platform too) which I purchased earlier this season and have been wearing non-stop since, so now I get to rotate the two."

#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York (фото 3)

5. A jacket goes a long way
"I go crazy for anything that looks like it'll drape over my shoulders easily. I must say I am currently building up a solid collection of motorcycle jackets. The perfect jacket can really change up your look, even if you have the most basic outfit on." 

A jacket goes a long way | @eggcanvas

6. Go all out for the item you want
"When the Céline Trapeze bag was first released, I was obsessed. The royal blue, black and tan colourway was a dream and I literally dreamt about it one night. I called every store in New York and also those across the country (talk about crossing borders to get what you want), but it was sold out everywhere. Weeks later, the Céline store on Madison Avenue, New York, opened up and I called up that very morning — they told me they had just one in stock. Once lunchtime rolled around, I jumped into a cab, sped down, and made the purchase. It felt like a sporting moment and I'm not exaggerating! The triumph — and also the hunt that leads up to it — stirs up emotions I cannot describe, and it's one of the many pleasures I take from fashion."

#StyleCrush: Erica Choi, digital art director of Barneys New York (фото 4)

7. Take inspiration from the fashion pages
"My first fashion memory is of course, flipping through fashion magazines from a young age. It was very inspirational and aspirational — I wanted to be able to dress and express myself through style like those in the magazines do."

8. Never succumb to an imitation handbag
"There's nothing like working hard towards a goal to get the bag you desire. In the past, as a poor college student who was working part-time on the weekends at a measely $6.50 per hour, that Balenciaga bag (the It-bag of that time) was definitely out of my reach and I gave in to purchasing an imitation piece. Looking back, that was simply not a savvy decision, and entirely not worth it. Work hard towards your goals; when you finally purchase the item you desire, the satisfaction of achieving what you set out to do is practically reward enough."

Work hard towards your goals | @eggcanvas

9. Know the outfit that makes you feel like you're on top of the world
"For me, it's my most flattering pair of skinny jeans paired with a pair of sky-high ankle boots and a killer jacket, topped off with a mini bag and oversized sunglasses." 

10. The LBD isn't boring
"It is so very versatile, and is the perfect foundation anyone can't go wrong with. I would like to have a closet full of LBDs in all sorts of different styles. Très chic!"

Text: Andrea Sim

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    Erica Choi
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