25 questions with Soo Joo Park: The model on her favourite Avenger, the oldest thing in her closet, and Nike vs Adidas

25 questions with Soo Joo Park: The model on her favourite Avenger, the oldest thing in her closet, and Nike vs Adidas

Model musings

Text: Andrea Sim

In Singapore to open the recent BOSS FW18 runway show at Marina Bay Sands, we caught up with Park backstage and played the classic game of "Would You Rather"

1. What's your favourite look from the BOSS FW18 collection?
I think the opening look I'm wearing is very powerful. It's a white suit that's masculine and feminine at the same time — it's very empowering. 

2. Who is your favourite animated character?

3. Your favourite Avenger?
I actually really love Black Panther.

4. How do you like your coffee?
With a lot of cream and sugar.

5. Whose phone number can you remember at the top of your head?
My parents'.

6. If you had to drink just one drink for the rest of your life...

7. The last movie you watched?
Actually, Doraemon (laughs). Stand by Me Doraemon

8. What is your favourite flower?

9. The oldest thing in your closet?
My high school graduation dress. And it still fits (laughs)

10. The newest thing in your closet?
A shirt from Maison Kitsuné.

11. Your favourite trend of the season?
I am really loving the PVC and clear raincoat material outfits. I have a [PVC] hat from Chanel that I wore in the rain and it was actually quite nice. There are a couple holes in it for ventilation but it kept me dry. I hate umbrellas. 

12. Most hated trend of the season?
I don't think there's such a thing as I used to hate UGGs but now it's kind of cool; the Y/Project UGGs were so cool. When you spin it around, it always comes back. 

13. Who would you want to be in another life?
I would love to be Mozart. 

Would you rather...

14. Go braless or commando?

15. Instagram or Twitter?

16. Bangs or no bangs?
Right now, bangs.

17. Dog or cat?

18. Wear pyjamas or a burlap sack for your wedding?
Pyjamas! Totally. 

19. Eat a grasshopper or drink stale milk?
Grasshopper. Wait, is the grasshopper fried, or is it alive? 

Let's go with fried.
Oh, the grasshopper. 

20. Little black dress or white suit?
Depends on the occasion. In the summer, white suit definitely trumps black dress.

21. Nike or Adidas?

Word association

22. BOSS... right now, Singapore. 

23. Kimchi... RuPaul's Drag Race

25. Trump... Catastrophe.

25. Girl crush... Tilda Swinton. 

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