The Buro word on September covers: The good, the bad and the face that landed eight titles

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As fashion publications roll out their biggest issue of the year, the Buro fashion team sounds off on the covers that caught our attention — for better or for worse

September is to the business of fashion publishing as Christmas is to a kid. It's the month when magazines feel a little weightier in hand, lined with countless fashion editorials raring to inspire and tête à têtes with the buzziest silver screen names of the moment. But more importantly, it's the issue from which firms rake in it their dollars by running a hefty number of glossy ad campaigns.

Translation: The face of a September issue had better sell some copies. 

As the industry's biggest names — Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, GQ and Elle — revealed their much-awaited covers, (surprise!) they were met with a melting pot of sentiments. Some questioned the perennial concern of a lack of diversity in fashion, while others pondered on the influence of the face that launched eight September covers. 

To get the lowdown on what this fashion team thinks, grab your earpiece, buckle down, and tune in to our recording. Above, the covers in question for ease of reference. 



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