It’s In The Bag: The Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring

It’s In The Bag: The Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring

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Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Image: Darren Leow

The bucket bag is the shape to invest in right now. Who better than Ralph Lauren himself to weigh in on the carryall of the season

Meet the Ricky Drawstring, the latest addition to the iconic collection named after Ralph Lauren's wife. Handcrafted in Italy, the practical silhouette was designed by Mr Lauren himself. The result: A clever and sophisticated spin on a versatile shape that will take you from the boardroom to the bar. 

In search for a bucket bag to fit into their busy lifestyles, TV presenter and host Yvette King and fashion designer Velda Tan took the Ricky Drawstring out for a spin. Here's what they had to say. 

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag - Yvette King

What do you love about the Ricky Drawstring bag? 
Yvette King: It's unfussy and practical. I am the ultimate bag lady. I walk out the door and somehow accumulate bags of stuff by the end of the day. The Ricky Drawstring can store all my accumulations and is the perfect complement to any outfit. The colour options are also on point.

How does the Drawstring bag fit into your daily life? 
YK: Perfectly. As I leave the house fairly early in the morning and begin my day gallivanting around town, this bag is malleable and can fit pretty much everything a girl on-the-go could need.

Medium or mini?
YK: I'm leaning towards the mini. Don't be deceived by its size. All my essentials fit inside easily with room to boot.

Why do you think the bucket is the most coveted bag shape of the season? 
YK: It suits everyone. The slouchy style is just as functional as it is trendy, giving off an effortless cool vibe. It's a statement bag without making a statement.  

Ralph Lauren Ricky Drawstring Bag - Velda Tan
What was it about the Ricky Drawstring bag that caught your attention?
Velda Tan: That it's both versatile and functional. Versatile because I can carry it in so many ways to suit different looks, and functional because it's roomy enough for me to fit my everyday essentials. It has compartments too!

How often do you see yourself carrying this bag? 
VT: It's the kind of bag that goes under my 'everyday' bag category; these are the ones I use daily because they go well with so many outfits. 

Medium or mini?
VT: Medium. I'm always a fan of bigger bags because of my body shape.

How do you see yourself working the Ricky Drawstring bag into your wardrobe? 
VT: I can already picture it with all my summer clothes, especially with classic colours that are really earthy and neutral. It also works with my office outfits because of its ease and functionality. 


Photography: Darren Leow
Fashion Direction: Dora Aljoofri
Styling Assistance: Andrea Sim
Makeup: Emma Haddock/Indigo Artisans
Hair: Michael Chiew & Reno Tan/Hairloom