These personalised Roger Vivier Photocall bags are gorgeous beyond belief

These personalised Roger Vivier Photocall bags are gorgeous beyond belief

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Text: Jolene Khor

Listen in as we chat with Nicole Warne about her DIY creation and read on for Carina Lau and Victoria Tang-Owen's thoughts on theirs

It might have started in 2014 with Burberry's monogrammed cape. Then, in came Prada's customisable soles. And who can forget Edie Parker's sparkly bespoke clutches? Since then, the rise of personalised fashion has been anything but slow and steady; it's taken over the industry from every avenue — bags, shoes, SLGs and even ready-to-wear isn't spared from some form of customisation — in so far that high street brands like Nike (NikeiD anyone?) and Rails (that star-spangled denim jacket) are in on the fun.

Roger Vivier is next in line to experiment. While the brand's strength is in classicism, don't expect its take on personalisation to be run-off-the-mill. Its latest campaign sees the Photocall bag undergo 10 transformations under the hands of 10 formidable Asian fashion figures, namingly Cherie Chung, Carina Lau, Hilary Tsui, Harris Chan, Queenie Rosita Law, Victoria Tang-Owen, Anais Mak, Christina Hsu, Nicole Warne and Singapore's very own Yoyo Cao.

Their creations, unveiled at the Roger Vivier pop-up counter & Photocall Bag exhibition cocktail party in Hong Kong, went as far as their imaginations could travel. Actress Hilary Tsui farmed a garden, Bossini heiress Queenie Rosita Law made a splash and influencer/designer Yoyo Cao went to town with the glue gun. Nicole Warne of garypeppergirl on the other hand, showered hers in crystals. 

"I wanted my Photocall Bag to reflect a balance between Roger Vivier's legacy and my own aesthetic since we both share a mutual love of feminine glamour," she said. "I mixed varieties of Swarovski crystals with pearls on rhodium plated white gold bases to interpret Roger Vivier iconic crystal buckle, with an ode to the sophisticated yet playful Roger Vivier woman who wears it."

Carina Lau's take on her bag points to a carefree life while the daughter of David Tang (he's the founder of Shanghai Tang), Victoria Tang-Owen's artistic assembly is a reflection of an incredibly personal and life-changing experience. Their interviews, after the jump.Carina Lau

Tell us about your personalised Photocall bag.
When Roger Vivier invited me to personalize one for the exhibition, the obvious was to simply put "myself" in the design. I work hard and play hard. Life is full of surprises and who doesn't like a bit of fun now and then? That's precisely what I want represented in my design.

What do the musical elements represent?
Music is a big part of my life. It's always playing when I'm hiking and at photo shoots, especially during hair and make-up. The numbers represent my birthday, 8 December — I'm a Sagittarius! There is also a literal translation of my name somewhere on the bag. Can you spot it?

Do you remember your first luxury bag?
I was 18 when I managed to save up for the classic Louis Vuitton monogram handbag.

How would you describe your bag collection? Do you have a favourite piece?
They are the icing on the cake! I don't particularly have a favourite bag but it has to be feminine. Also, they make an easy choice for a great gift!

Victoria Tang-Owen

Why do you think personalisation is a big trend in fashion?
Everyone wants their own voice, everyone wants to be unique, everyone wants to express their own style.

How did you express yourself through your Photocall bag?
Now that I'm entering motherhood, I felt the need to document this stage of my life and therefore, I decided to do hand-embroidered hearts; the two hearts - my heart's and the baby's heart - in one body, on one bag. The fringe represents our veins and the leather represents the skin of our anatomy.

That's a gorgeous sentiment.
Thank you. After being pregnant, I realised how incredible the body is and how amazing the anatomy is.

Do you remember your first luxury bag?
I think it was a Prada fanny pack! I was maybe 14 at the time. It was my first real fashion item. They should bring fanny packs back!

How many bags do you own?
I just moved houses and so I just realised how much stuff I have. I have a lot. I had some at home and some with my mother and when I started packing everything up... my husband looked at me and said, "You can be serious." I don't shop that much anymore. Fashion rotates right? So it's about the cycle and how you use it. It's even cooler now to not have something super seasonal, but something more meaningful to you, like my Photocall bag. I can't wait to use it.

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