Exclusive web series: Inside LASALLE College of the Arts — Episode 5

Kimono project

Text: Andrea Sim

In the last episode of the web series, the winners of the challenge have been announced. These students from LASALLE take you through their concepts and obstacles faced in turning ideas into reality

As the Kimono project draws to a close, two out of the 14 groups have emerged victorious in the Buro challenge. Judged based on customers' responses — the objective beholders of beauty — and sales made, the groups behind the concepts Sisterhood Geisha and Genderless Kimono tied for the top spot. 

The former explored the close-knit relationship between the Maiko and Geiko in the community of geishas, and captured this very essence through knitted necklaces decorated with metal cylindrical tubes. The juxtaposition between the hard and the soft speaks of the two complementary personalities bound together by tradition, common experiences and dependency. 

The latter on the other hand, broached a topic that dominated many a runway during the menswear SS16 season: Androgyny. The students behind Genderless Kimono fused their inspirations of pop culture icon Ziggy Stardust and male geishas, which manifested in irregularly shaped clay necklaces dipped in resin. 

Hit play on the video above as the students of LASALLE share their concepts as well as the creative and production processes. 

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Video shot using the Apple iPad Air 2 and edited with iMovie.

Kimono In:Tangible is now open till 5 November, every Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 7pm, and is closed on Mondays and public holidays.