#StyleCrush: Leaf Greener, fashion stylist and founder of Leaf WeChat magazine

#StyleCrush: Leaf Greener, fashion stylist and founder of Leaf WeChat magazine

Street style star

Text: Andrea Sim

Image: @leaf_greener

What's behind Leaf Greener's atypically striking ensembles? Buro catches up with the multi-hyphenate to talk all things style and find out

One thing's for sure: Leaf Greener knows how to have fun. Amidst the crazy schedules of fashion week, the creative consultant, fashion stylist and founder of Leaf WeChat magazine is usually captured by street style photographers — Tommy Ton, more often than not — in high spirits and getting creative with her accessories for poses. 

She has a flair for putting together the unexpected that results in a fine mash-up of print, colour and texture heavy ensembles in her signature house blend of 'craziness'. Just take a look at that pair of American flag denims, Victorian-collared lace blouse, and the Céline sweater and Adidas trackpants combi; hardly intuitive but oh-so-envy-inducing.

If you're toying with the idea of giving your wardrobe an overhaul, check out what Greener has to say beforehand when it comes to getting dressed — it'll get your closet revamp going in an instant. 

Fashion encourages creativity. I enjoy the optimism and fantasy that comes with it. The pure energy drives us to live and create things beyond what we imagine we could.

But at the end of the day, it's all material goods. I don't have anything in my wardrobe that I can't live without because you only really need your soul.

I get dressed according to my mood. Every day doesn't have to be the same when it comes to choosing your outfit. My mood is like the weather: unpredictable. I let how I feel shape what I wear for the day. 

#StyleCrush: Leaf Greener, fashion stylist and founder of Leaf WeChat magazine (фото 1)

Shopping doesn't actually cheer me up. What I do enjoy is the moment I try on beautiful clothes. My spirits soar when I put on something amazing. 

Menswear is my greatest weakness. I love borrowing from the boys, especially menswear items by Raf Simons. It always feels like it's a good idea to put on something from his collections.

I love Nicholas Ghesquière's collections for Balenciaga. His designs are incredibly profound, and I really wish I had more of his stuff. 

The items I hold dear have deeper meanings to them. If I could only pick three things of mine to keep forever, it'll have to be my grandmother's diamond ring, a cashmere sweater from my boyfriend he had custom made for my birthday, and my mother's Chanel tweed jacket from the '80s.

Judging others by how they're dressed is not important. We all have labels for one another and the people we meet everyday. But they just simply define our differences and uniqueness. It's what sets us apart and they're really not that important. As for myself, I think I live in a constate state of craziness everyday, when it comes to style.

I have fun and do whatever I want. I remember the time I shared a 'toast' with Anna Dello Russo outside the Chanel show using the Chanel Lait de Coco bags. I had two of them with me, and passed her one to have a drink with me. It's all in good fun!

#StyleCrush: Leaf Greener, fashion stylist and founder of Leaf WeChat magazine (фото 2)

It's important to stay true to yourself. When it comes to style and anything else of course. Create your own voice with the outfits you put together, and that's the best you can do. You'll learn along the way and your style should always be relevant to your lifestyle. I find that your expriences really do shape it too.  

There are no rules to fashion. Really, there aren't. I make my own up sometimes, only to break them again.

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