#StyleCrush: Brittany Hampton, Diane von Furstenberg global brand ambassador

#StyleCrush: Brittany Hampton, Diane von Furstenberg global brand ambassador

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Text: Andrea Sim

A little bit of badass streetwear and a whole class of vibrant statement-making pieces is what you'll find Brittany Hampton in. Find out why the DVF global brand ambassador is our latest style crush

Global brand ambassador to Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) and protegé of the designer herself, Brittany Hampton went through the rat race to get there — and it was all filmed and broadcasted on national television. She was the last girl standing on the first season of the reality TV show House of DVF (HODVF), where contestants were given a taste of the designer's world and competed for a permanent position in the empire. 

Hampton might be the poster girl for the brand, but she definitely has her own personal style to speak of. As the show that catapulted our style crush to her current role returns for a second season (Hampton mentors the fresh batch), we dig deeper to find out her dos and don'ts of dressing up and what she's learnt from the woman who empowers women around the world. 

Personal style: Tomboy going on ladylike
"My personal style has definitely transitioned a bit in the past year. Working for a brand like DVF, you realise how much more feminine you want to be. I went from being casual with a tomboy flare to throwing on my Louboutins and form-fitting dresses that accentuate my curves."

Style secret: Go with the first instinct
"One personal styling tip that I give to my friends is always to go with your first instinct! Sometimes you go through your closet and pick out 10 outfits in the morning, but always leave in the first option. Another tip: The three items a woman should always have in her purse are a safety pin, wardrobe tape and a stain remover stick."

Style rule: Dress and play the part
"My number one style rule for myself is to showcase whatever character I feel like playing that day. If I want to be a femme fatale, I have to make sure I put my all into being seductive. If I want to be a tomboy, I will walk, talk and sit like it."

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State of wardrobe: In transition
"My wardrobe is currently going through a transitional period. Last year, before HODVF, I followed the androgynous vibe and found myself wearing menswear. Now, if you go through the front of my closet (which are my first picks), you will find dresses and anything form-fitting."

Won't be caught wearing: A sports jersey
"In high school, I wore jersey dresses from my "favourite" sports teams. I will never be caught wearing another sports jersey again unless it's a costume for a Halloween party!"

What I've learnt from Diane: Comfort is key
"The best fashion tips I have learned from Diane are to make sure I am comfortable because it will show if I'm not. Also, to embrace colour and that you can never show too much leg."  

Wardrobe staples: Wrap dress, leather jacket, and sneakers
"The first is easy and lightweight, and that one item is essentially your full outfit. As for the sneakers, they are a must-have even if you throw them in your bag as a second option. The leather jacket is hands down a go-to item too, as you can add it on to any look and still be on trend."

I would have to say the one thing women should definitely invest in is a great handbag.

Personality item: Helmut Lang dress
"Every item in my wardrobe is so different in many ways. The one I feel describes me the most is a dress I bought from Helmut Lang for my 23rd birthday. It's an asymmetrical, short black linen dress with a lambskin leather strap that lays diagonally across my chest. It's something I would design for myself."

Treasured item: DVF lace wrap dress
"My most treasured fashion piece in my wardrobe is a gold halter neck DVF lace wrap dress that I wore on the finale of HODVF. When Diane gifted us these dresses, I knew mine was made for me. It signified a woman that was 25 and living her dreams. When I look at it, I still believe in endless possibilities."

Investment piece: Handbag
"I would have to say the one thing women should definitely invest in is a great handbag. My favorite is the new Secret Agent from DVF's FW15 collection. It's a bag with a detachable clutch. Talk about a woman that can go from day to night!"  

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Guilty fashion pleasure: Lingerie
"Lingerie is my guilty pleasure and I want to always have a collection of sexy undergarments and hosiery, as well as six-inch stiletto heels." 

Shopping haunts in NYC: Assembly New York at OAK, Beacons Closet, DVF
"Whenever I am in NYC, I unfortunately don't get out of Manhattan and sometimes that's OK with me. For that reason, I would have to say my favourite boutiques to always step into are Assembly New York at OAK, Beacons Closet for a vintage moment, and of course, the DVF boutique in the Meatpacking district."

The timeless wardrobe piece: Knit body-hugging dress
"For my generation, I think the one fashion item that will never go out of style is a jersey knit body-fitting dress in any style and cut. The DVF Myla dress is my new classic."

House of DVF season 2 airs on E! at 9:00pm, 17 September.