@MusingMutley: How do I go viral?

'Cause we're living in a digital world

@MusingMutley: How do I go viral?
Tips and tricks from Singapore's top female fashion digital influencers

Madonna famously proclaimed, way back in 1984, that "we're living in a material world, and [she's] a material girl." Cue: A music video remake of Marilyn Monroe's Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend complete with a strapless pink gown and her neck, ears, and wrists dripping with cascading diamonds.

Fast-forward three decades, and in 2016 — though a diamond still holds a pretty penny — we're not just living in a material world, but more importantly, we're all living in a digital world.

Contrary to popular belief, digital is not the future. Digital is now. Think about it: We wake up with our phones and we go to sleep with our phones (nightly YouTube sessions anyone?), and with Singapore having the world's highest mobile penetration rates per capita (that is, 148.4% for 2015 according to iDA Singapore) it's increasingly about what we share on social media that counts. I mean, if it didn't happen on social media, did it really happen? #Kidding #Sorta #KindaNotReally

Which leads us to the holy grail of native digitals everywhere: How do I go viral?

Well, assuming that you're not up for a sex tape, or marrying into the Kardashian-Jenner clan (side note: Have you scored yourself a Kylie Lip Kit yet?), building an Instagram following can sometimes appear like a dark art — mysterious, confusing, and just plain random. 
So, to help shed some light on the matter, I've rallied together some of Singapore's top digital fashion influencers and asked them to share their hot tips — straight from their beautifully glossed and puckered lips. What are you waiting for? Read, learn, post.  


Melissa Celestine Koh

Instagram: @melissackoh
Double-tap for: #Wanderlust-inducing travel shots and effortless style. Just gorg.

"Always be consistent — consistent with your style, your editing, and the things you love. And be true to yourself. Only work with brands that you love and post pictures that mean something to you. It's not always about posting pictures to please others. For example, I love flowers, as you can tell from an overdose of them on my feed!"


Tabitha Nauser

Instagram: @tabithanauser
Double-tap for: Flawless makeup and sassy street wear from this multi-hyphenate radio-DJ-slash-TV-presenter-slash-singer.

"My first tip is to find your style or theme, and stick to it throughout your IG feed. Second, find a good editing app! 'Cause, let's be real, we all need a little extra help to give our pictures that extra oomph. My favourite editing app? Snapseed. You can pretty much customise whatever filter you want to make it 100% unique."


Nicole Wong

Instagram: @ncwong
Double-tap for: Fierce fashion, easy monochromatics, and stylish flat-lays.

"Never forget who you are and stick to your personality and style. It creates a stronger overall vision. And, as much as you love living in the digital world, nothing beats living your real life and hanging out with friends. That's where the magic happens — both offline and online."


Yvette King

Instagram: @vettyking
Double-tap for: A dreamy behind-the-scenes peek into the life of an E! News Asia host.

"I like to use VSCO so my feed looks consistent. I used to like DSLR images but nobody got time for that! So, most of my images now are taken on my iPhone 6S Plus. Fab locations do half the work for you, but honestly, I still don't get Instagram and what makes something popular or interesting. I don't worry about it and just put up stuff I like."


Isabel Tan

Instagram: @prettyfrowns
Double-tap for: Tropical getaways, paired-back classics, and sexy #fitspiration.

"Don't be afraid to get up on a chair, table, or whatever you need to climb on, to get your outfit flatlays. And if a friend is snapping your photo, it helps to frame it for them first — chances are, you'll get the shot a lot quicker."

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