From WFH fits on Instagram to a YouTube movie documenting his time in isolation: Marc Jacobs is our lockdown muse

From WFH fits on Instagram to a YouTube movie documenting his time in isolation: Marc Jacobs is our lockdown muse


Text: Lidia Ageeva

For many, clinging to everyday luxuries was a saving grace during lockdown. Feel-good tonics can, of course, come in different forms. Be it a great book (finally, you read one) to actually getting properly dressed. Marc Jacobs definitely won in the latter department. His series of outstanding WFH looks, that he shared daily on his Instagram (with the hashtag #dressednotstressed), were exceptionally extra.

In the (almost empty) Mercer Hotel (Jacobs was looking for a new apartment when the pandemic hit New York), Marc dressed up every day as if he were attending a big event. Some highlights: a statement Prada coat with a paisley motif, Rick Owens platform boots (he has these heels in every colour), Celine by Hedi Slimane sharp suits, and colourful jumpers that his designer friend Kim Jones created for Dior Men. There were also special Sunday #stayhome #stayfabulous looks. Styling notes: A turquoise Prada leather jacket paired with black Lacoste trousers, silver Celine platform sandals and a vintage Cartier bracelet.

Now, Jacobs has just dropped a mockumentary "A New York Story" on YouTube, a 24-minute love letter to his home city. Shot by his long-time assistant and collaborator, Nick Newbold (Jacobs called him in an Instagram caption "the best friend he could ever wish for", #chosenfamily), the movie opens with Marc Jacobs checking into the Mercer Hotel with his three Louis Vuitton bags, and follows him as he lives through a truly one-off experience, spending almost 90 days in the iconic hotel.

His daily routine? In the movie we can see him doing pretty ordinary things. Like, say, ordering takeout (that comes in a "I Love NY" plastic bag), chilling on his bed with his pet friends — Neville and Lady — giving them a bath, occasionally vaping, going to a hotel bar on a Saturday night (yes, Marc orders Diet Coke), painting his nails red, and going live with beauty tutorials from his posh bathroom (unsurprisingly, he uses products only from his namesake brand).

Jacobs' film is a real-life fashion drama. Not only does he play himself, but also all the hotel staff — the bellman, the engineer, the cleaning lady, the barman and so on. But does it, looking endlessly chic, and wearing his signature Mikimoto pearls, of course. The film ends on a romantic note with credits: "I Love You, New York, In Sickness And In Health." We love you too, Marc. You can watch the full film here.

This story was first published on Buro. London.