Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Renyung Ho

Friends of Buro: SG50 interview with Renyung Ho

Birthday special

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

To Matter co-founder, small is definitely better especially when getting around is easy on our sunny island

You know you've met a Singaporean when... they're talking about their recent or next meal.

My fondest memory from the last five decades is... Milo Dinosaur.

I wish Singapore would bring back... pasar malams.

As a Singaporean, I really love to complain about... other Singaporeans.

Singaporeans should stop complaining about... how small we are.

The most underrated thing about Singapore is... how small we are.

Every time I return back to our island, I appreciate... how easy it is to get around.

The cost of our country's progress... a culture of risk taking.

In 10 years time, I would like to see Singapore... stop asking who we are and just being it.

Singapore is uniquely... transitional.

Durian: Bitter or sweet?... Bitter.

Renyung Ho

Favourite local TV show: Under One Roof

Favourite local brand: Carrie K.

Favourite Singlish word: More like phrase... "can or not?"

Favourite childhood game: Five stones or zero point

Favourite hawker centre: Maxwell

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