Five things you need to know about Ralph Lauren

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Five things you need to know about Ralph Lauren
Think you know the man behind the label? We uncover several lesser-known facts about the fashion tycoon

Fashion industry legend Ralph Lauren has built an empire from first selling ties, then moving on to take the ready-to-wear market by storm with his accessible, preppy luxe aesthetic. Here are some facts that you may not know about the visionary designer.

1. His first polo shirt collection was released in 1972
While he didn't invent the polo shirt, the designer released his first line of polo shirts that year, which came in 24 colours, and has grown it into a style staple.

2. The Ricky Bag was named after his wife
They have been married for 51 years and have three children: two sons and a daughter. The two first met at an optician's office, where Ricky was working as a receptionist.

Ralph and Ricky Lauren at Royal Marsden

3. He outgrew his high school dreams
When he graduated from high school, Lauren's wish was to become a millionaire some day. He is now worth US$7.1 billion.

4. He was the first designer to officially outfit Wimbledon
In 2006, Ralph Lauren became the first designer to officially create outfits for the tournament. It is an ongoing partnership that sees Lauren bring a sartorial flair to the tennis courts.

5. He is a dedicated philanthropist
Strongly committed to supporting various causes, the designer is especially dedicated to the fight against cancer. He most recently partnered with The Royal Marsden in 2014 to set up the Ralph Lauren Centre for Breast Cancer Research in London. 

The Lauren Family

Text: Pakkee Tan

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