Five things you need to know about Dion Lee

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Five things you need to know about Dion Lee
What you need to know about the golden boy of Australian fashion who’s headlining at Singapore Fashion Week this year

Dion Lee is not your regular designer. His conceptual collections and breathtaking construction are so technically brilliant that his craftsmanship has been likened to masterpieces. A favourite with celebrities the likes of Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga and Diane Kruger, here are five lesser known facts about the designer from Down Under.

1. He's a rebel
When Lee graduated from the Sydney Institute of Technology in 2009, he showed his debut collection in a Kings Cross carpark; a Sydney locale with a seedy reputation.

2. And a trailblazer
In 2010, Lee was the first designer ever to hold a fashion show at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

3. He's been heaped with accolades
In addition to a suite of industry awards, Lee took home the prestigious International Woolmark Prize Australia in 2012 and has been called by as "the leading light of fashion Down Under".

Miranda Kerr in Dion Lee

4. Fabric experimentation
He doesn't subscribe to traditional notions of fabrication and likes to integrate classic materials with more industrial textiles in his designs; thereby creating his signature sculptural shapes.

5. He's fascinated with the human body
Lee constantly refers to anatomical structures to inform his sleek, modern designs, and his sharp cuts accentuate the body's natural curves. 

Dion Lee fall/winter 2014

Text: Pakkee Tan

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