Fashion Focus: Friends of Buro, Fiona Fussi and Nathan Hartono, discuss personal style

Fashion Focus: Friends of Buro, Fiona Fussi and Nathan Hartono, discuss personal style

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Text: Norman Tan

Photo: Vanessa Caitlin

What do you get when you combine an international model with a musician? Fashion fireworks. Fiona Fussi and Nathan Hartono work the camera in an exclusive photo shoot

Talented, gorgeous and refreshingly easy-going.

It's not hard to see why Fiona Fussi and Nathan Hartono — two of Singapore's brightest young stars and, we're honoured to say, Friends of Buro — are currently commanding so much attention at home and abroad. (Case in point: Our inaugural Buro Backseat video featuring Hartono covering Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd is one of our most viewed stories to date.) 

While the pair have divergent career trajectories — Fussi is an international model, and Hartono, a smooth singer-songwriter with a penchant for jazz — their differences are bridged by a common denominator: Effortless personal style.

In light of this, and on the brink of both artists embarking on (or releasing) new projects, we rounded up Fussi and Hartono for a photo shoot to discuss fashion, fit, and the best style advice they've ever received. 


Fiona Fussi wears a knit sweater and emerald pleated skirt, both Zara

Blessed with Austrian and Chinese ancestry, the stunning Fussi was born in Singapore and received her big break when she won the Elite Model Look Singapore competition in 2011. Multi-talented and multi-lingual, she's acted in a few Hong Kong shows and is currently extending her repertoire to include singing. Next big thing? Off to Paris this month to star in new campaigns: "I can't say too much, except that I'm super excited for what's to come," says Fussi. Mum's the word.

Fiona Fussi wears a silk velvet dress from Zara

When I'm trying to impress someone... I try to wear clothes that express who I am as a person. I stay away from experimental styles and stick with what works for me.

My personal style... ranges from feminine-glam to laid-back-cool, while overall remaining quite minimalistic and clean.

Fiona Fussi wears a denim shirt, denim skirt, faux fur jacket, padded gloves and suede fringe boots, all Zara

What I wear definitely affects my mood... and I find that even the colours and textures I choose can determine my outlook and disposition for the rest of the day. That's the power of fashion.

The best style advice I've ever received... was from my mother. She taught me to be comfortable in whatever I'm wearing. Because if you're not, chances are, other people can tell.

My favourite look from the shoot was... the knit sweater paired with the emerald green skirt. I really liked how it juxtaposed the femininity in the pleated skirt with the laid-back ease of the pullover. That's definitely my style.

Click on the slideshow below for outfit details.


Nathan Hartono wears a grey overcoat, white shirt, skinny black tie, tailored flat-front trousers and black leather loafers, all Zara

Having just performed at the National Day Parade for SG50, Hartono has kept himself busy with his weekly Podcast, Good Hang, hosted with good mate Jon Cancio. But that's just the beginning. Be sure to check him out in the new HBO series, Halfworlds, that premieres this November. "It's so left field from what I'm used to," says Hartono. "Acting has never really been one of my admitted talents, so it'll be cool to see how it turns out." Stay tuned.

Nathan Hartono black motorcycle jacket, grey waffle-weave pullover, white T-shirt and black skinny jeans, all Zara

I don't think of myself as a very fashionable person... because I don't have the stylistic vision that a lot of fashionable people possess. But I find that the more risks I take — even if that means leaving the house feeling unsure about something I'm wearing — the more impressed people tend to get. Which probably means I'm only a few months away from polka-dot jumpsuits and platforms.

When it comes to my personal style... it's usually function over form. I dress for comfort quite a lot. And I love darker colours complemented with bits of white.

Nathan Hartono wears a camouflage print shirt and grey T-shirt, both Zara

If the jeans I wear out don't fit perfectly... I spend the day just annoyed and thinking: "Damn it, did I gain weight?" or "Damn it, I should've brought a belt."

The best style advice I've received... is to try everything once. It really does work a lot of the time. When I go to a store and see something that I'm instinctively against, I'll try it on for size and see if it surprises me.

My favourite item from the shoot was... the grey overcoat. Not much place for it here in Singapore, but one of the reasons I love travelling to cold countries is the opportunity to layer up. 

Click on the slideshow below for outfit details.

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Fiona Fussi and Nathan Hartono's outfits: All from Zara
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Fashion direction: Norman Tan
Makeup and hair: Angel Gwee using Laneige and Sebastian Professional
Styling assistance: Alma Bisekeeva