Fila x D-Antidote: The Korean label brings a contemporary edge to ‘90s street staples

Fila x D-Antidote: The Korean label brings a contemporary edge to ‘90s street staples

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Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

D-Antidote continues to break out of its South Korean shell with a ready-to-wear collab with Fila

"Sorry, this product is currently out of stock" is something you can expect to encounter if you're looking to nab something from South Korean label D-Antidote, especially from its latest collaboration with Italian sportswear giant Fila. That's how in demand this emerging brand is, stocked at Actually and Sect Shop in Singapore and Lane Crawford, Selfridges and Barney's New York overseas.

For the uninitiated, D-Antidote is a major player in Seoul's streetwear scene helmed by Central Saint Martins alumni Park Hwansung. Marketed as a menswear label, its gender fluid styles embrace punchy and playful sportswear in bright colour block combinations and bold printed logos, with a constant "SEOULONDON" emblazoned across elasticised waistbands, sleeves and down track pants reflecting Park's cross-cultural influences.

What started with a hype backpack tie-up, the now full-fledged ready-to-wear collaboration with Fila is the stuff streetwear dreams are made of; oversized tees, slouchy tops, retro track jackets, backpacks, fanny packs and bucket hats reign supreme. Fila x D-Antidote continues with a collection inspired by Hyun Jin Young, the first rapper in South Korea and gangster-hip hop style of London Posse. Steep in Aaliyah and TLC vibes, you'll find camo prints, badass bomber jackets and his take on the "F" logo. 

Below, Park Hwansung sounds off.

Park Hwansung, founder and designer of D-Antidote

How would you describe the D-Antidote aesthetic?
The D-Antidote aesthetic reflects my brand slogan 'SEOULONDON', two key cities that I am inspired by. Korea is my birthplace and London is where I lived for eight years to pursue my studies in fashion. The D-Antidote aesthetic combines South Korean fashion sensibilities tailored for a global, diverse audience.

How did this collaboration with Fila come about?
At my first D-Antidote show at Seoul Fashion Week where I presented my fall/winter 2016 collection, Fila sponsored the footwear. Since then, our brand has maintained a close partnership with Fila that has resulted in collaborations such as the one we presented in Singapore at the end of July.

Why do you think your Korean sensibilities and Fila's Italian sports heritage works well together?
D-Antidote was created to offer consumers a refreshing alternative to luxury fashion and fast fashion. Fila stands out among sports heritage brands for its quality. Both D-Antidote and Fila aim to be exceptional in their spaces and that's why I think our Korean fashion sensibilities injected into D-Antidote work well with Fila.  

What are three things you like about '90's fashion?
Bold splashes of colour, oversized logos and tracksuits.  

Did studying at Central Saint Martins in London influence you?
It had a huge impact on me. I spent eight years in London in total and this allowed me to immerse myself in the fashion and pop culture of London. I am, till this day, inspired by the music of English bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Beatles, a direct result of my time spent in London.

D-Antidote is a menswear label but the designs are gender fluid, why did you decide to do that?
I wanted D-Antidote to be able to cater to a wider audience and not be limited to just male customers. We are a brand for anyone and everyone, whatever your gender or preferred style may be.

What do you want to see in the future of fashion?
The continuous revival of styles from the past, but re-presented cooler than it was before.

What can we look forward to from D-Antidote in the second half of 2018?
Really cool stuff! Cooler than what you've seen in our previous season.

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