These 10 timeless fashion hacks will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

These 10 timeless fashion hacks will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars

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Text: Pramila G

Editor: Jolene Khor

Illustration: Angel Hendrajaya

Alleviate the financial burden of adulting with these ever relevant old school tricks

Thanks to technology, we millennials know how to get things done effectively and efficiently. To those who say we don't lift a finger, what do you call texting our laundry service about our last dirty drop or dialling the seamstress about the hemming of our new velour track pants?

Jokes aside, our reliance on digital conveniences, from FoodPandas to FedExs, can be costly. In attempt to save you some of that dough you've had to hustle so hard for, we gathered 10 fashion hacks to rescue your fashion favourites, using only household products you're likely to already have shoved in the back of your kitchen cabinets.

Pros: Save money, learn cool new tricks, won't go into a meltdown if your trusted tailor goes on his/her second extended honeymoon. Cons: Maybe a chipped nail if you're clumsy. Which isn't so bad considering you can use it as an excuse to #treatyoself to a manicure after. DIY of course.

1. That's not our idea of "getting rip"
We don't want to know what you did to rip your new stockings before the night even begins, but we got a solution. To prevent the tip to ladder down to your ankles, apply a couple of layers of clear nail polish to the tear and let dry. Congratulations, you just extended the shelf life of your stockings; satisfaction guaranteed until midnight. One more thing the product can do besides varnishing your nails? Tighten the hinges of your oversized Ray-Bans without a trip to Sunglass Hut.

2. When your lipstick stains... on the front lobe of my left side brain
As alluring as a M.A.C Ruby Woo pout is, getting it off your clothes is one heck of a chore, especially if you let it sit for too long. This is where your beauty junkie habits pay off. Spray some hairspray onto the stain and leave alone for a couple of minutes. When you wipe off the hairspray with a cloth or sponge — make sure your weapon of choice is damp — you should see that most of the lipstick comes off. Tossing that shirt into the washer will get rid of the residue, if any. Hairspray's third act? Preserving the fresh-from-the-store look on polished shoes. A light coat of spray will do.

3. The good kind of cold sweat
Freezers are not only meant for food. In times of need, they double up as a perfect laundry tool too. We're talking about freezin' and breezin'. For an at-home
 colour and fabric saving solution, zip lock your wardrobe — it works on smelly workout gear, jeans, leggings, you name it — and toss them into the freezer to remove stench without compromising their life wear with multiple abusive washes. Recommendation: Swap to the freeze n' breeze (trademark in progress) after every two traditional washes. Employ this hack when you want to prevent your wool sweaters from over-shedding.

4. How grease is bad, in more ways than one
How we feel about curry noodles: Love. How we feel about that turmeric and grease stain: Less than love. Here's how to fix your post-meal mess in a jiffy. First up, blotting away the grease with a dry paper towel. Cover the crime scene with some good ol' Johnson N' Johnson baby powder and before its 60 seconds is up, pour some liquid soap on the affected area. Then, work it in with an old toothbrush. Repeat on the other side of the fabric, rinse, toss in the washing machine and pray. Pray hard.

5. Before you hide the hide...
Give your stained — but otherwise 
very gorgeous, very expensive — leather a chance before donating it to the Salvation Army. Remedy ahead: Vinegar, mild soap and lukewarm water in a bottle. Do a little shake until a substantial amount of suds form. Apply the foam (and only the foam!) with a sponge on to the sullied spot, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Remember to follow up with a leather conditioner to keep your leather shoes/bags/jacket from over-drying or losing its shine. PS: Vinegar doubles up as a natural whitener for yellow collars and shirtsleeves too.

6. Netflix and chill was a good idea
... until you spill red wine all over your new pyjamas. Not going to sugarcoat this; you've got your work cut out for you. If our hack doesn't work, nothing else is likely going to, so read on and follow closely. Before subjecting your stain to anything else, dab it with a paper towel so it absorbs as much as wine as possible. However hard you dab, do not rub. We repeat: Do. Not. Rub. Next, (and this is for real) pour some white wine to neutralise the stain. The final step? Mix three parts baking soda to one part water until a paste is formed, and apply a thick layer of the paste. Set the timer for an hour. Optional: Drink the rest of the white wine to drown sorrow. Make sure you're not too drunk to rinse the garment. 

7. When long-lasting foundation keeps to its promise
The rage when the remnants of your Chanel gets on your pristine white bed sheets is real. And we're not talking about the No. 5 you wear to sleep. The secret to removing makeup from fabric ironically lies on the gents' side of the sink. Put their shaving cream to good use; one pump on the stain for 10 minutes, then rinse the garment with cold water, but only after carefully wiping the cream away using a light-coloured cloth. Note: Method works with shaving cream only. Shaving gel is a no-go.

8. This fuzz, not so hot
Even the lushest sweaters start to pile with time, especially if they come into semi-frequent contact with rougher surfaces. Pilling happens when the same fabric rubs against each other too, i.e. sweater sleeve against sweater body. To rid of them, run a disposable razor on the fuzzy surface, then use clear tape to lift the lint. Before going crazy with the sticky, paste the tape on your arm first, so the adhesive is gentle on your clothes.

9. You ought to zip it already, no?
Them zippers can be as stubborn as your nephew refusing to part with his toy truck. While Vaseline is ineffective on him, magic can happen here. Rub some Vaseline onto the jammed area and the zipper will slide up and down without issue. In fact, other waxy lubricants such as candles and even said nephew's crayons will solve your problem as well. Just be careful not to stain your garment with a bright pink Crayola in the process.

10. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Clothes 
Shrinkage. If only it happens as easily with our waistline as it does with our angora sweaters. But alas, because the latter is more likely, here's our tenth and final trick up our sleeves: Reverse the shrinkage of not just your wool garments but garments of other materials as well — with hair conditioner. Yes, the very thing that softens your hair will save that S$1,000 Loro Piana sweater. Firstly, fill up the sink with lukewarm water (not hot, lukewarm). Secondly, add a tablespoon of (preferably) white coloured hair conditioner. Thirdly, let shrunken garment soak for 30 minutes. Finally, gently stretch it back into its original shape.

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