Exclusive web series: Inside LASALLE College of the Arts — Episode 4

Kimono project

Text: Andrea Sim

The fourth episode of the series sees the students of LASALLE College of the Arts finalising their designs and setting up for the Kimono In:Tangible exhibition

The hard work doesn't end even when the final stitch has been put in place — the presentation of the designs the students from LASALLE have laboured over this semester, is equally as important. 

But what goes into a set up to ensure that the inspiration, vision and skills are all showcased in the best light possible? That comes down to putting together a multi-faceted display that ensures all pieces of the puzzle fit: The rich history of the kimono, its inspiring elements, and finally, the design interpretation, has to come together to create a cohesive exhibition. 

At Kimono In:Tangible now open at LASALLE College of the Arts, the set up takes you on an enriching journey from past to present, and is a digital and physical discovery of the age-old art reworked to convey it's relevance and beauty in the modern world.

Press play on the video above to catch the exhibition in the making. 

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Video shot using the Apple iPad Air 2 and edited with iMovie.

Kimono In:Tangible is now open till 5 November, every Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 7pm, and is closed on Mondays and public holidays.