Buro. Academy #3: On new-age retail, Augmented Reality, and alternative platforms that contribute to sustainability

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: Jackie Mah

Held on a beautiful Saturday morning at Design Orchard on 27 July, Buro. Academy's third and final session was a fascinating exploration of how technology continues to play a growing importance in presenting new models of retail, communication, and sustainability within the fashion industry. The day began with three insightful talks led by industry experts, and ended with a healthy dialogue around the distruptions of traditional fashion roles.

While the first chapter of educational series has concluded, there's plenty more to look forward to: engaging webinars you can access from the comfort of your home, to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Milan Fashion Week as an insider (organised in partnership with R.S.V.P. Agency).

In the meantime, check out the highlights of Buro. Academy's third session below.

Laura François

Seminar 1: New Age Retail

Social impact strategist and country coodinator of Fashion Revolution Singapore, Laura A. François introduced the audience to the fashion industry's dentrimental impact on the environment, as well as a few notable examples of transparent and sustainable practices including Everlane's pricing system, Provenance's adoption of blockchain technology, and AI's predictive forecasting in retail.

Janosch Amstutz

Seminar 2: Is Augmented Reality the future of communication?

CEO of HoloMe Janosch Amstutz broke down the role of AR avatars in the e-commerce landscape. Amstutz also presented a fasctinating behind-the-scenes look at HoloMe's partnership with London College of Fashion's (LCF) Fashion Innovation Agency. Using its tech capabilities, HoloMe's AR live-stream of LCF's MA 2019 womenswear show was an insightful look into the future of runway shows.

Nejla Matam Finn

Seminar 3: How are alternative platforms contributing to sustainability?

CEO of The Fifth Collection Neija Matam-Finn explained how alternative platforms such as fashion rental companies, luxury re-sellers, and vintage specialists are contributing to the growing conversation around sustainability.

Perspectives: How has technology changed traditional fashion roles?

Founder of Society A Pek Lay Peng, independent consultant Peter Thewlis, Zalora's group director of public relations Christopher Daguimol, and TaFF's director of design resource development Leonard Choo shared their insights on navigating the challenging landscape of social media, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Check out highlights of Buro. Academy's first and second sessions, and watch this space for more information on upcoming webinars.

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