Buro. Academy #1: On the Big Four, Digital Fashion Week, and the behind-the-scenes of producing a show

How to do Fashion Week

Text: Marielle Solano

The fabrics and patterns draped across our shoulders don't just fulfill a functional need to protect us from the elements, nor is it merely a creative expression of the wearer. In the world of fashion design, each piece contributes to the identity, message, and the story of a brand.

As a digital luxury lifestyle publication, Buro. Singapore is very much a part of the narrative. And with our mission to bring about a positive impact to the world around us, we started Buro. Academy in hopes of bridging the gap between a formal education and the needs of today’s rapidly changing workplace.

An intimate group of fashion enthusiasts, along with our panelists of esteemed industry professionals, showed up bright and early last Saturday morning at Design Orchard to participate our first-ever Buro Academy themed around fashion week. Judging by the engaged audience members, we'd say the first full-day workshop was a success.Buro Academy: How to do Fashion Week

Consisting of three seminars and panel discussions, the first workshop dips into the world of runways and featured both commercial and creative perspectives from our speakers. Attendees have even more to look forward to post-session: our follow-up online masterclasses and an itinerary at Milan Fashion Week (courtesy of R.S.V.P. Agency) provide the more opportunities for students to level up their fashion knowledge.

Here's what went down in the first edition:

Seminar 1: The Fashion Week Story

"Clothes are flat garments until you infuse them with a story," says Nadya Wang, fashion lecturer in Lasalle and our first speaker of the day. Fashion week as we know it has evolved intensely from its humble origins, and we were clued in on the formation of the Big Four (in Paris, Milan, New York, and London), the best fashion shows of all time, some of the big-time attendees of fashion weeks past, and a breakdown on how they worked then versus now. Of course, we're all invested in what the future might bring: Nadya also offered an insightful look into new fashion show concepts taking the industry by storm, and what the future entails for fashion weeks ahead.Nadya Wang, Lasalle fashion lecturer

Seminar 2: Fashion Week Goes Digital

Speaking of contemporary fashion show concepts, Digital Fashion Week founder Charina Widjaja shared her experience in putting together the event, which involved shows to be livestreamed to the masses. Sponsoring these fledgling brands was a feat, and Ms Charina gave us a real talk about the challenges DFW faced in the organising of a digital show, as well as a gander into how it all works for designers, brands and consumers.Charina Widjaja, Digital Fashion Week founder

Seminar 3: Creating a Show for the First Time

Fashion shows are sights to behold, and we're not blind to the fact that there's an intense amount of logistics and detail behind every presentation. Think months of planning and coordination, budget and sponsorship negotiations, working out the programme flow of the event, and the seating plan. Amadea Choo, founder of VF+c Group, knows all about it and more, and joined renowned local designer Max Tan in exploring all that goes into a fashion show that, well, sells.

Perspectives: Fashion Week Management

What does fashion week look like through the eyes of an editor, a public relations representative, and an influencer? Jon Max Goh, programme manager of The Bridge Fashion Incubator, explored this first-hand with Jolene Khor (fashion and beauty editor of Buro.), Nellie Lim (fashion tastemaker and digital influencer), and Madina Kalyayeva (managing director of R.S.V.P. Agency). The ladies compared notes on their experiences as guests at some of the biggest fashion weeks in the world and found solidarity in a few similarities: the multitudes of shows to catch and the resultant hectic schedules, for instance.

Missed the first Buro. Academy? Second chances abound – tickets for the next sessions are out now.

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