Buro 24/7 exclusive: Interview with H&M creative advisor, Ann-Sofie Johansson

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Buro 24/7 exclusive: Interview with H&M creative advisor, Ann-Sofie Johansson
We speak to Ann-Sofie Johansson about H&M Studio’s FW15 collection and what we need to be putting on our winter shopping wish list

What was the inspiration behind the fall/winter 2015 collection?
Futuristic and glamorous with sporty influences including functional pieces mixed with feminine layers.

What was your design and creative process like for this collection?
It starts with research and gathering a lot of inspiration and information. Then we make an analysis out of that and funnel it down to a story or a trend we think is right for the customer group we are working with. Then we make a mood board, choose colours and fabrics; and then the actual sketching and development of styles begin.

H&M Studio collections focuses a lot on fabrics, colours and details. What is new and unique about this season's collection?
This collection is a constructed sporty style mixed with a sense of luxury. The classic wardrobe pieces are given a new look by using new materials, volumes and proportions. Luxurious, natural and rich fibres are mixed with high-tech fabrics to create chic, sharp and cozy silhouettes. We've used lurex, sequins and silk chiffon to add glamour and femininity to the pieces — as does asymmetric cuttings, bare backs and spaghetti straps.

How does H&M achieve a balance between aesthetics and trends? 
Fashion has to come first because this is what our customers are looking for. Then we think about functionality and fabrics to ensure that they're easy to care for.

Sports and utilitarian driven, what do you think are the hero pieces of the collection? 
The roller neck can be styled with anything. Make flares the new trouser silhouette and invest in functional outwear — either a quilted jacket or a wool coat with sporty details.

The collection offers effortless pieces perfect for layering when the temperature starts to dip. Can you share some layering tricks and tips?
I think the trick is to combine trendy pieces with what you already have in your wardrobe. Look to that and see what you might need to add on. It's important to create your own style. Fashion no longer dictates what you wear and there really isn't any do's or don'ts. Don't be afraid to stand out. The best way to spice up an outfit is to accessorise.

When the collection hits the stores, what are you looking forward to getting your hands on?
I always go for the accessories. I've got my eyes on the big bags, sporty caps and the sneaker moonboot hybrid which is both functional and cool.

H&M FW15 Moonboot

Can you share your top three runway fall/winter runway 2015 trends?
Flared trousers, more patterns and bolder accessories. 

The H&M Studio FW15 collection will launch on 10 September at the H&M Orchard Building store. 

To see the FW15 collection, click on the slideshow below. 


Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

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