Black Friday Singapore 2019: Before succumbing to the epic sales and discounts, ask yourself these important questions

Black Friday Singapore 2019: Before succumbing to the epic sales and discounts, ask yourself these important questions

Shop smart

Text: Ho Guo Xiong

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Instagram | @lovebonito

Don’t get us wrong — we love shopping as much as the next fashion person does. And saving some moolah with Black Friday sales and discounts is the cherry on top of our favourite pie that makes the bite so much sweeter. But before you wear your credit card thin with the upcoming frenzy (or any other shopping events like Great Singapore Sale, in general), introspect. Bookmark this page and ask yourself these hard-hitting questions before you hit the “purchase” button, no matter how loud you claim it's screaming at you.

Why are you buying it?

The lure of a great discount is irresistible. Even those with strong wills are not entirely immune to it. But the question you need to ask yourself is whether the sale item satisfies a long-term need, or a short-term want. Instant gratification feels amazing until you’re drowned by a wardrobe avalanche and credit card debt.


Do you own something similar?

Say you are the proud owner of a truly unique little black dress that always has your back whenever you have cocktail event to attend — which is once every quarter of a year. Would the new LBD in your shopping cart ever see the light of day considering you already have the perfect one hanging in your closet? If you don’t foresee the purchase becoming a mainstay, or at the very minumum make recurring appearances in long run, give it a pass.


How many new items do you have in your wardrobe?

Look into your closet and count the number of items that still have their price tags attached. If there are more than five fashion items in your wardrobe purchased this year left untouched (essentials like socks and shapewear, as well as one-offs such as a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding, don’t count), put down the credit card, take a deep breath, and step away. Instead, focus on your NWT buys and make a conscious effort to incorporate them into your next few OOTDs.


Can you imagine it being styled (at least) three ways?

If there’s one lesson you can glean from Singapore’s biggest fashion lovers and collectors, it is that they consider versatility and longevity before they part ways with their monies. Similarly, think about whether the item you're dying for can be styled in three different ways, whether for work, play, or better yet, both. Should the answer be "yes", why please proceed!


Is it a trendy piece?

Marching to the tune of a trend might make you feel like a street style influencer at fashion week. But once its popularity dies down, don't be the person left with a mountain of past season goods. You can hoard them in hope that the trend returns, but some trends, like denim panties, should never (and probably never will) make a comeback.

How does it impact the environment?

We’ve said this before but we need to say this again and again: fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. But if you really have a shopping FOMO itch you just have to scratch, we suggest shopping with brands that practice transparency and sustainability so we can keep the momentum of shopping smarter well into 2020... and beyond.


Are there other ways to stretch your dollar?

Besides cashing in on the jaw-dropping discounts and deals on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), look for other avenues that can help you get the most bang for your buck. Now's the time to join loyalty programs, use affiliated credit cards, and utilise online rebate websites such as Shopback and Rakuten.