Behind the scenes with Dakota Fanning and Jimmy Choo

Behind the scenes with Dakota Fanning and Jimmy Choo

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Text: Jolene Khor

The familiar face fronting Jimmy Choo's spring/summer campaign goes high fashion at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens

Growing up in the spotlight can't possibly be easy. Growing up in the spotlight as a woman, and to do it with grace and poise, that's a whole different kind of feat altogether.

Now 23, Dakota Fanning, who has been in show business since she was 8, makes it look like a piece of cake. Perhaps it is exactly her effortlessness in front of the camera (see: The Motel Life, Night Moves, The Runaways, War of the Worlds) that has garnered the attention of directors and designers alike. Here, thanks to Jimmy Choo, we explore her relationship with fashion and with fame as we catch a glimpse of the girl behind the blockbusters.

PS: Scroll to the bottom for gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos of Jimmy Choo's spring/summer campaign.

What is your earliest fashion memory?
My earliest fashion memory is clomping around in my aunt's heels, while visiting her in Miami. I was probably around two years old, and apparently insisted on wearing them absolutely everywhere the entire trip.

Which outfit has been the most memorable in your career so far?
Recently I wore a Miu Miu dress to the Venice Film Festival. It looked like a mermaid's tail, and it was truly my dream dress. I felt absolutely magical in it and taking it off was really hard... That dress, combined with such a glamorous location, was a very special moment for me.

What is your earliest red carpet memory — do you remember what you wore?
My first red carpet memory is the 'I am Sam' premiere. It was my first film, therefore my first premiere. I wore a satin champagne colored dress with capped sleeves. I had a purse that was black patent and shaped like a present, which I thought was very chic. I am sure I still have it somewhere. I do not really look back and cringe too much, definitely more of a warm nostalgia.

How would you put your personal aesthetic into words?
I do not know if I can actually. It really changes all the time. I think I usually have a vibe in mind when I am getting ready and try to execute that as best as I can. I am more traditional than not, but I also like to surprise people, so I try to throw something untraditional into my wardrobe just to keep people on their toes!

Behind the scenes with Dakota Fanning and Jimmy Choo (фото 1)

Are you meticulous about organising your closet or is it more of a floor-drobe situation?
I am more on the meticulous side, but I must confess it could be more organized in there at the moment...

Flats or heels?
I am more a flats girl when I am in New York because there is so much walking involved when you live in the city. There is a grounded agility that a flat can bring that just cannot be accomplished in heels, no matter how well you walk in them! But with that being said, I love heels of all kinds. Chunky platforms in particular.

From your shoot with Jimmy Choo, which were your favorite shoes and why?
There was a pristine white sneaker that I absolutely adored. Very practical, and I love a slightly dirty white sneaker so I wouldn't mind if the city stuck to them after a while. There was also a beautiful strappy heel with metallic purples and greens. The straps were like the vines of the flower that unfolded across the toes.

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The Jimmy Choo collection is inspired by the beauty of nature. On that note, are you inspired by the outdoors? 
I would question anyone who said that nature was not important to them! I do not get out into it as often as I would like, but I daydream about all the places I want to visit when I have time! One of my favorite places I have ever been is Tulum. There are the most beautiful beaches, as well as jungles that are transfixing. 

How does a typical Sunday run at your home?
Depends on what happened Saturday night haha! Sunday is always a down day for me. Whether friends come over or I have some alone time, there is nothing major ever on the books.

Are you ever concerned about being a role model?
I try to live my life in a way that I can be proud of and that my family and friends can be proud of.

Many of your roles are not always set in the most glamorous of environments — does that appeal to you more than the glossier leading roles?
I do not think that really has ever made a difference when I have been in the process of choosing a role. I would definitely not mind playing a glamorous role! But there is a sort of adrenaline high that comes with pushing yourself physically for a role that I definitely do enjoy.

"There is a grounded agility that a flat can bring that just cannot be accomplished in heels, no matter how well you walk in them!"

When it comes to career aspirations what are the most important aspects you look for in projects now?
I am about to do a television series for the first time, and I could not be more excited. I watch so much television and am so inspired by the subject matter that is being tackled. It is such an incredible opportunity to be able to develop a character over a long period of time. As for theatre, that is something I have yet to do, but absolutely want to. I know that will be a challenge unlike any other, and I am also very excited for that.

And outside of your work what do you most aspire to achieve?
The basics: Being a good person, creating meaningful relationships, enjoying life and not rushing through time. 

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Jimmy Choo's spring/summer edit is available in stores worldwide.