Designer spotlight: Interview with Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, the stylish duo behind Attico

Designer spotlight: Interview with Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, the stylish duo behind Attico

The power of two

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Image: Instagram | @attico

The brainchild of Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, this new Italian label is your answer to a stylish wardrobe that is not trend driven

Street style fanatics would know the names Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio by hard. But for those who aren't quite acquainted with the two Milanese street style icons, there is no better time to do so than now. A regular on the fashion week circuit and favourites with street style photographers, it's hard not to fall in love with the duo's unique styles. And if you've been one who craves such a nonchalant attitude towards dressing, here's where the stylish pair comes in with their newly born fashion label, Attico.

Unlike other street style mavens who have launched their own labels and lines based on their social media success, Tordini and Ambrosio spent a good number of years in the fashion industry as consultants for brands and magazines before taking a bold (and only natural) move to launching their own label. "We both felt ready to express our own voice, we wanted a challenge of combining two different styles," explained Tordini and Ambrosio.

Having launched their first successful collection in February during Milan Fashion Week and their second just this September, Attico proves that two heads are better than one. Delivering a blend of two strong aesthetics — Tordini's love for classic silhouettes and Ambrosio's experimental flair, this Italian womenswear label brings forth an enviable wardrobe of sensual slip dresses, robes and must-have classics touched with luxurious accents. 

With no hard and fast rules to how you should don their pieces, Attico's intentions are clear: For women to enjoy playing dress up according to the lifestyles they lead. We speak to the designers about the brand and what they aim to achieve from Attico. 
Tell us what inspired you to launch your own label, Attico.
A combination of things: We both felt ready to express our own voice, we wanted a challenge of combining two different styles and make it become a new one. We wanted to create timeless dresses we would love to wear and keep in our closets forever, but more over we wanted to tell a story about women, made by women. So Attico came out in a very instinctive way.

How did the two of you meet? Was this a project that was years in the making? What sparked it?
We met a few years ago in Milan, through friends in common and we created a bond from the very beginning. We spoke about working together on something many times but we never had the occasion to make it happen until last September when we were brainstorming in a NY yellow cab. That was really how we had the idea!

What does Attico stand for? Is there a sentimental meaning to the name?
Attico means 'penthouse' in Italian, but for us, it's more an attitude. It's not where a woman lives but how she lives.

What makes the label different from all the others in the industry?
Attico wants to be unique. We want our women to feel like they own a special, almost one of a kind piece in their wardrobe. Attico pieces have a vintage look, the hand-made embroideries and prints are designed by us and there is a long research process behind them. That's what makes it precious.

Where do you draw inspirations for your designs from?
We do a lot of research in vintage shops and flea markets, for us these places are the greatest source of inspiration, including interiors and vintage furniture. Our 'modern robes' are very decorative and rich, most of the embroideries take inspiration from vintage carpets, Asian screen dividers or wallpapers. This will always be the fil rouge of the collection.

Working together on this label, do you each have a specific role?
We don't have very distinctive roles at the moment. We do everything the brand needs and every decision is made together. We are both designers so the collection is made by us together every step of the way.

How do you think you complement each other's roles?
Giorgia Tordini (GT): We're learning and getting to know each other every day. Gilda is learning that being mentally organised is important.  

Gilda Ambrosio (GA): Giorgia is learning how to not be afraid by colours. She usually subtracts and I add. This is how we do it!
Attico is a brand that launches seasonless collections. Does that mean your collections and designs are and will not be trend driven?
It was not our will to create a perfectly on trend collection but rather our goal is to create quite a precise aesthetic in which women can relate to and garments that didn't have a time or season stamped to it. Our pieces are created to hold a strong identity.
Tell us about the Attico woman and how you envision her to be like? What is her sense of style?
We think about all our potential clients, so every woman, young or old. She is someone who is beautiful, intellectual and loves travelling the world. A woman who likes to experiment and has her own sense of individuality.

What was the inspiration behind your first collection?
This season we were very much inspired by the world of interior design: Wallpapers, carpets, lavish fabrics and velvet. We continue to be inspired by vintage and one off decorative pieces that we found during our travels.

The Kimono is a key piece in the collection that got a lot of attention. Why the Kimono, and why do you think people were so drawn to them?
Robes and kimonos are sexy, elegant and versatile. They make every outfit look complete and sophisticated. We think about them as key pieces in a wardrobe. Robes also allow you to experiment, mix and layer.

If you had to choose one favourite piece from what you've designed so far, which would it be, and would you incorporate it into your daily style?
GT: My favorite is the Jane, the black and white patchwork robe. I would wear it with vintage gold jewellery and black high heel sandals at night and with loafers during the day.

GA: Cher with the stars — a manifesto to my muse! I'd wear it with a white t-shirt paired with a Dickies Workwear denim that I bought in Tokyo, and with flats shoes.

Has your personal styles strongly influenced the designs of your collection?
Most of the items we design are pieces we would like to have in our dream closets.

Describe Attico in three words.
Sexy, ornate, and luxurious.