3D makeup artist Ines Alpha on her collaboration with Bimba Y Lola, her vision of beauty, and what the future looks like

Futuristic fashion

Text: Ho Guo Xiong

Scroll through Ines Alpha’s instagram (@ines.alpha) and you would be greeted with a plethora of photos and videos featuring futuristic face filters. Despite her creations, Alpha doesn’t want people to hide themselves behind the trippy masks she creates. Instead, she wants to use them to augment beauty. To find out how Alpha aims to achieve this goal, we talked to the artist and uncovered how she got into 3D makeup and why she collaborated with Bimba Y Lola for its fall/winter 2019 #thisisHUMAN campaign.

How did you get into 3D makeup?
Ines Alpha (IA): I started experimenting with 3D while I was working as an art director in advertising, specialising in beauty and luxury. I realised that I could create anything with imagination and a lot of patience. My fascination with 3D, makeup, and cosmetics grew, and the thought of adding 3D elements to faces struck me one day. And by some sort of happy accident, I started working on my vision of makeup for the future.


Could you tell us more about your 3D makeup technique?
IA: At present, my main body of work can be categorised in the “3D makeup” series, where I aim to push the boundaries of makeup. Working on “digitalised” bodies allows me to have more freedom with the concepts of beauty while 3D softwares give me the chance to have total aesthetic freedom and give life to things that don’t and can’t exist. Beauty, to me, is about having fun and expressing your inner personality. I want 3D makeup to give people more possibilities to express their beauty.

Your work always featured an element of futurism. Why?
IA: I want to create a near future where the world is digitalised and augmented. Every human would be genderless and rebooted from stereotypes, tags, and labels. They wake up completely naked, only covered by some weird, organic 3D material that is a new energy source.

How did the partnership with Bimba Y Lola happen?
IA: I truly love how Bimba Y Lola share their vision of fashion — it’s fun, it’s futuristic, it’s graphic, it’s different. They don’t take fashion too seriously. I like the modern and bold approach they take with their patterns, prints, colours, silhouettes, and shapes. I also love how they communicate these ideas on their website and social media.

As a digital makeup artist, what was it like to work with a fashion brand?
IA: Bimba Y Lola has been doing collaborations with other artists for some time now. They did one with Filip Custic, who I really look up to. I like how Bimba Y Lola’s campaigns look so different, yet coherent. They take risks and experiment, which is super rare for brands these days.

How did you tackle Bimba's #thisisHUMAN theme, especially with its ideas of humanity and genderless human beings?
IA: Human beings are inhabitants of planet Earth. The word “humanity” is from the Latin word “humanitas” for human nature and kindness. Being human is about love, compassion, to be creative, and not be a machine. I like how looks from Bimba Y Lola are genderless. None of them say “women” or “men”. It’s definitely a collection you can wear and play around.

Which is your favourite bag from the collection?
IA: I’m a huge fan of the small neon green bag. I love pretty much anything small and neon, it’s super cute!