#WomanCrushWednesday: Fernanda Ly

#WomanCrushWednesday: Fernanda Ly

Lady in pink

Text: Indah Jayanti

Image: Instagram | @warukatta

From books to bookings — former undergraduate Fernanda Ly is on a modelling adventure

Like us, you probably first saw Fernanda Ly and her signature pink locks at Louis Vuitton's fall 2015 show in Paris. Today, the Australian Chinese model is represented by numerous agencies worldwide and has graced multiple Vogue covers. Bestowing a dose of fairy floss upon the gloomy-of-late Singapore, the fashion and internet obsession was briefly in town for the LV Series 3 Exhibition.

Standing at 171cm, the sweet rebel first started modeling only two years ago — but Fernanda Ly's petite frame hasn't stopped her. She was in university studying architecture when Australian agency Priscillas scouted and signed her sans delay. An all-or-nothing kind of girl, Ly focused on modeling and the rest is history (albeit a short one).

Aesthetically edgy with an intriguing personality, here are things we love most about the runway unicorn:

Her pink hair
Ly's candy coloured tresses aren't a product of the industry. In fact, she started bleaching it at a tender age of 15. Her parents may have disapproved, but her agencies now prohibit her from dyeing it any other colour. Oh, the delightful irony.

Fernanda Ly 1

Her passion for dessert
From scones to cute latte art, Ly told i-D that visiting cafes and hunting for desserts are her favourite pastime. Her soulmate, however, is ice-cream. Bless her lightning-speed metabolism.

Fernanda Ly 2

Her all-black outfits
Considering her sweet-tooth, Ly throws a curveball with her tough, grungy off-duty looks. Her subtly goth ensembles tickle our fashion senses and the public seems to agree. Named best-dressed at Paris Fashion Week by The Cut, Ly is fast becoming a street style maven.

Fernanda Ly 3

Her Instagram description
Mahou shoujo is Japanese for magical girl. Candy floss hair aside, the fact that the media phenomenon doesn't have a Wikipedia page (yet) is physical proof of her mythical nature.

For more of Fernanda Ly's pictures, visit her Instagram account, @warukatta.