Tod's spring/summer 2020 show: The shoes, bags, and ready-to-wear you need for the perfect Italian holiday

Tod's spring/summer 2020 show: The shoes, bags, and ready-to-wear you need for the perfect Italian holiday


Text: Jolene Khor

Because the journey matters more than the destination, here's what you should pack for your get-out-of-town moment according to Tod's spring/summer 2020 runway.


Any seasoned road trip-er knows this: music is imperative. Here for a good time? Blast the latest pop hits from the charts. Here for a long time? Nothing beats tunes from yesteryear. Tod's spring/summer 2020 runway show was presented to a classical remix of Radiohead's "Creep". We approve.


If the spring/summer 2020 Tod's collection is to be modeled after (pun intended), you don't need an army to make memories that last. While previous shows have welcomed famous faces such as Kendall Jenner (plus a pug), Irina Shayk, and Liu Wen  a dozen more looks on the runway too, come to that  the company and lineup in this outing are familiar in a different way. Nevermind that they're not Instagram stars or celebrities, nor are the clothes sewn to shout. What really matters is what they're made of.

Tod's spring/summer 2020 show: The shoes, bags, and ready-to-wear you need for the perfect Italian holiday (фото 1)


Italy, like most European countries worth seeing, is best experienced on foot. There's no place for towering stilettos or toe-pinching flats here. Based on the craftsmanship of saddlery, slingbacks are accentuated with San Crispino stitching, splashed in bright, poppy colours. The open-toed kitten-heeled slingbacks too, are a bit of flirty fun. Instead of driving shoes, may we recommend the loafers for spring/summer 2020. Metallic leather and zebra-print ponyskin do nothing but elevate.


To keep your hands free (how else are you going to balance your phone and your gelato?), Tod's offers several new crossbodies and top handles, yet unnamed. Spot the new 'T' logo on some of them too, revived from the archives. The OG travel pouch, the bum bag, is still modern, only this time, it's hanging low around the hip region, not sucking your belly in around the waist. You want your money safe, nor suffocating, eh? When you're feeling a little fancy, Tod's mini leather charms will house your credit cards and mints. When you're feeling loads of fancy, the long clutches will do you proud.


Being on vacation is a luxury. Currency is hard-earned, as is time. Spend both wisely on seasonless pieces that will earn you style miles through the years, a fashion philosophy Tod's caters to with a contemporary overture. Those silk and leather plissé dresses (in black/white and tan/canary) are exemplary of this; the powder blue sleeveless rubberised leather jacket as well.

Speaking of, it is an irrefutable fact that there aren't greater leather manipulators in the industry than those behind the curtain at Tod's. Where else will you find nappa tricked to resemble sequins and ponyskin woven into macramé? Pack them all for la dolce vita vibes.

Present is one backless knit top, embodiment of the freedom that comes with being on the road. Another by-product of travel? Experimentation. Let your free spirit fly in tie-dye, a trend you previously thought impossible to be rendered chic. Once in a while, it feels good to be proven wrong.

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