Highlights from SGFW 2016: Max.Tan spring/summer 2017

Highlights from SGFW 2016: Max.Tan spring/summer 2017

Singapore Fashion Week

Text: Andrea Sim

Local designer Max Tan ventures out of his comfort zone on an experimental whim

The inspiration: Fashion posseses a wandering eye and Max Tan is well aware of that. Within Singapore's assemblage of homegrown talents, this designer is known for marrying the extremities: Slinky drapes juxtapose supersized ruching, and diaphanous organza reel back rugged leather. But where's the fun in simply sticking to your guns? Tan shared backstage: "The starting point was to use things that we hate. Ruffles, corsetry, lacings... these are not details we normally do, but wanted to reinterpret them in a more max.tan language."

The collection: As promised, shirt dresses were elevated by purposeful ruffles (look 2); streamlined trousers cinched with built-in corsets (look 31); and top-stitched outerwear bound by criss-cross lacings (back of look 9 & 10). And then there was the one blazer stuffed with exaggerated shoulder pads worn over skin-tight biking shorts (look 7) — a glimpse of the brand's distinct sensibilities grounded in polarity.

Lesson learnt: While we take our hats off to Tan for pushing his boundaries, we wondered: What is the one thing this minimalistic designer would never use again? "Stripes. They're way too difficult to style," he declared.

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