Best shows from NYFWM FW18: Sanchez-Kane, Ovadia & Sons and Todd Snyder

Best shows from NYFWM FW18: Sanchez-Kane, Ovadia & Sons and Todd Snyder

New York Fashion Week Men's: Day 1

Text: Veronika Bondarenko

Sanchez-Kane breaks all the rules, Ovadia & Sons paints with brights and Todd Snyder kicks it old-school

The collection: Bold, eccentric and unapologetically sensuous. Menswear designer Barbara Sanchez-Kane did not shy away from neither erotic accessories nor sharp cuts in a runway that brought sex (and the stigma that it often still carries) to the forefront of the conversation. Paired with showstoppers such as the angular plaid skirt suit (look 4) and a headpiece made from sunglasses stacked on top of each other (look 13), the collection's quirky details — square-shaped plastic shoes lined with bright red zippers (looks 3 and 7), chest cutouts on a classic dress shirt (looks 12 and 15) and condoms in a model's hair (look 18) — were what made for a truly risqué runway.

Shock factor: Everyone in the audience jumped when one of the models purposefully dropped a piggy bank, spilling coins all over the runway for hair-raising political message.

At second glance: A model wore a nose ring representing a pair of open legs and a shirt made entirely out of flip-flop sandals (look 6).

The collection: You can count on Ovadia & Sons for the season's burst of color and kitsch — bright heritage plaid (looks 1 and 12), varsity jackets (3, 7 and 30) and leopard print for men (looks 18, 19 and 30) all featured prominently in the fall/winter 2018 collection. As always, Israel-born and Brooklyn-raised twin brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia gave old-school looks their signature youthful touch — particular standouts included pieces like the floor-length red coat (look 16) and a mustard yellow suit with contrasting black shoulders (look 35).

Try this now: Dark berets (looks 17, 19 and 31); they will shake up streetwear and more formal outfits.

Real talk: In a true nod to the times, a model wore an aquamarine dress shirt emblazoned with the word "Bitcoin — No Cash" (look 17) down the runway.

The collection: With tweed coats (looks 1 and 22), loose-fitting suits (looks 4, 15 and 16) and school-boy sweaters (looks 4, 15 and 16), Todd Snyder closed off the first day of NYFW: Men's with his signature gentlemanly charm. A palette of gray, mustard yellow and burgundy gave the classic pieces a contemporary splash which paired perfectly with the more modern velour track suits (looks 20 and 21) and metallic jackets (looks 20, 25 and 27). Even with modern twists, they screamed out old-school chic — going to show that classic shapes can go through endless cycles of rebirths.

The soundtrack: Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold gave a rousing performance at the end of the show.

Buro loves: The burgundy tracksuit (look 21) goes from home to the street without losing style points.

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