Paris Men's Fashion Week SS16: Sacai

Paris Men's Fashion Week SS16: Sacai

A celebration of individuality and unity

Text: Andrea Sim

Although visually overwhelming at first sight, there is no doubt that this season's Sacai collection is like no other

Central to the collection was the idea of a hybrid... a mish-mash of references was cited by the brand as inspirational input, and "unexpected combinations" as the intended output. Most of the pieces definitely have more to them than meets the eye, a distinction that's an enticing invitation to take a closer look. 

Apart from knee-length shorts, models were covered up in hefty outerwear, draped in sizable scarfs, and always donned more layers than one. Probably the snuggest looks we've seen this season, the garlands in soothing pastels and printed ferns on bottoms lent a festive note to the collection. 

Paradise Garage: A club from the 70s and 80s Manhattan that embraced people of all cultures, the melting pot a symbol of non-conformity and acceptance. The night spot's logo recurred on jumpers and bomber jackets, a thread in the central theme of hybrids. The plaid jackets and shorts were also an effort in the same vein, with an amalgamation of different patterns forming a single cohesive print – definitely not your average plaid. 

The brand's objective was met with looks featuring entirely printed separates... and as intended, they meshed surprisingly well. A seasoned hand in mixing and matching birthed unorthodox ensembles that were more stylish, and less over-the-top. 

Sacai brings forth clothes and more this season, and the leitmotif of the collection hit home with us. The use of the Paradise Garage logo in particular, is our favourite tool the brand utilised for an impactful concept. With its retro font and day glo colouring (meant to mimick neon signage, we assume), it is at once both a covetable print, and the apex of the collection's significance. 

To see the full collection, click on the slideshow below.


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