Best shows from NYFW: Men's FW17 Day 2: N.Hoolywood and Ovadia & Sons

Best shows from NYFW: Men's FW17 Day 2: N.Hoolywood and Ovadia & Sons

New York Fashion Week: Men's

Text: Andrea Sim

Day 2 of NYFW: Showcasing a commentary on humanity at N.Hoolywood and an on the pulse streetwear outing by the Ovadia brothers

The inspiration: Homelessness. The first look designer Daisuke Obana sent out on the runway called to mind the characters you often see milling about New York's Grand Central Station and San Francisco's Tenderloin district. These people are bundled up to stave off the cold, saddled with grocery bags of belongings in tow, and left with nowhere to go. An unmistakable commentary on the downtrodden of humanity, as opposed to feeding fashion's appetite for luxury.

The collection:
'Finders, keepers' — the method to Obana's madness and a sobering narrative told through haphazard styling. Just imagine: "Ill-fitting" trousers and a boy's beanie picked up at Goodwill, a denim jacket that surfaced in the neighbourhood trash, and a windbreaker left behind by a careless commuter riding the night train (look 10). A concept magnified and emphasised throughout all 36 looks.

Try this now:
If Vetements' casually undone off-shoulder routine has run its course, try knotting your outerwear over the shoulders instead (looks 13, 14, 25 & 36). Not only does it double up as a pseudo scarf, but let's just say it's way more effortless than try-hard.

The inspiration: Brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia gleaned fall 2017's street-hitting looks from their father's life in the army and his time as a professional soccer player.

The collection:
Resulting in, gear fit for the downtown New Yorker saturated in a literal mash-up of military and footy tropes. Cue: Acid yellow sports jerseys and trackpants (looks 1, 12 & 25); camouflage hoodies and parkas (looks 2 & 7); and the linesman's checkered flag elevating puffer jackets (look 6) and splashed across T-shirts (looks 22 & 31). Each segment of streetwise ensembles bookended by the sleek Ovadia tailoring that's faded in the recent seasons (looks 21 & 24). Design-wise? Considerably derivative. But saleable and wearable? Definitely. Given the Gosha-esque appeal of the graphic text shirts (looks 1 & 12: In this case, worded in Hebrew and not Russian), the Ovadia brothers should be at ease.

Buro loves:
The occasional leopard print paired with grungey plaid and all-purpose puffers (looks 26 & 29). Louche and intriguing, this is the textbook hidden gem waiting to be unearthed at your corner thrift store. 

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