Moschino cruise 2018: What Barbie and Ken circa 1970 would wear to Las Vegas

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Text: Jolene Khor

Showgirls meet cowboys for a Wild Wild West mashup at the Moschino men's spring/summer and women's cruise 2018 show

What: Moschino men's spring/summer and women's cruise 2018 show
Where: Milk Studios, Hollywood, California
When: 10:30am Singapore time on 9 June 2017

"Please excuse the '70s disco jingle. I'm watching the Moschino show," I announced to the Buro 24/7 Singapore team during the streaming of Moschino men's spring/summer and women's cruise 2018 show this morning.

The music was pumping, its beat slick and pulsing. I was quite convinced that designer Jeremy Scott, the nostalgic kid that he is, found an old record in the attic he thought would fit his show theme (more on that in a bit) and pumped up its volume at his makeshift Fremont Street. But no, it's contemporary artist, pop-goth-noir trifecta's Tobias Bernstrup's record, 27 blasting through the speakers. "You can spoil me. You can buy me sexy clothes."

And Scott did just that, spoiling us with his sexy clothes, by turning his runway into a rodeo. With every look he sent out into the space lined with blinking signs calling for motels, cocktails, and lucky ladies, he sweept his millennial audience near and far into a dessert in the west; his own little Las Vegas. In classic Scott style, no clichéd paraphernalia was left unfiltered, no rhinestone unturned. He went the extra mile and then some with bejewelled bra tops for the girls and similarly bling briefs for the boys, feather boas, low-slung studded cow patchwork jeans, crinkling gold leather jackets (Elvis would be proud), small brim cowboy hats, and snake skin everything... and lest you didn't get the screaming theme, the elaborate showgirl headgears, swathed in baby pink and cerulean, cue your a-ha moment.

Still, there was plenty of cloth to go around to keep the show at a cushy PG13 rating. If his previous looks were considered 'Barbie unhinged', what he dressed Miranda Kerr in (a cotton candy shift dress and a cardigan buttoned at the top) can only described as 'Barbie restrained'. The show crecendoed in typical Moschino fashion — fizz! fire! feather! — but it was also sprinkled with modest bits and bobs, such as the Moschino sweater dress bearing its iconic bear, donning its usual plain white T-shirt. Except at the cruise 2018 turn, the tee is labelled "PLAYBOY", presumably to go along with its new accessory: Bunny ears. 

Scott is nothing if not committed to the cause.


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