Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Versace

Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Versace

Vivid and vivacious

Text: Andrea Sim

Donatella Versace reinstates colour this season and the cornucopia of hues marks the quintessential Versace man

The Versace man has an air of cocky boldness... and needs no external stamp of approval. His silk bandana and chiffon robe will be worn with aplomb — do not hold your breath in anticipation that he will entertain anyone's thoughts on his masculine flamboyance.

The atmosphere of the show was characterised by a boisterously catchy soundtrack high on energy... and the sand-covered ground pulsated with every bass-shuddering beat. The runway set was eleborate, with silk banners strewn above, mimicking a giant tepee. 

The collection for the confident man consists of... tie-dye suits, royal purple bomber jackets, hoodies and short shorts. There is no doubt about the attitude suited for such an offering – even the ensembles in neutral palettes are markedly Versace.

Look 29 exhibits the quintessential Versace man in a more subdued manner than the rest of the collection... and it is our favourite of the lot. The DNA of the brand is still evident in the cropped shorts, elongated shirt and headgear, but the colour scheme and layering reigns it in ever so slightly. 

The inspiration of the show came from Lawrence of Arabia... which was evident in the setup, silks, and lengthened shirts reminiscent of tunics. With the ethnic printing and festive note all-round, the quote selected for the show hit right home — "No Man Needs Nothing", indeed.   

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