Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Pringle of Scotland

Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Pringle of Scotland

Stained glass knitwear

Text: Andrea Sim

Massimo Nicosia takes inspiration from the stained glass of St. Giles' Cathedral for this season's argyles

Pringle of Scotland's presentation began with a dance performance... by the Michael Clark Company, setting the stage for the collection of fine Scottish garb. 

Breezy, light-weight silk-cotton outerwear opened this season's offerings... complete with delicate embroidery that elevated the muted tones, but the detailing brightened in hue as the canvases segued into a deep burgundy.

Nicosia's argyles bore his interpretation of the St Giles' Cathedral's stained glass windows... and a muted palette of pastels and creams were favoured for the rest of the knitwear, a suitable colour scheme for taking on the summer. 

The Pringle of Scotland lad will slip into a relaxed silhouette come Spring next year... made up of relaxed shirts printed with Scottish country house sketches and loose-fit trousers with their elastic waistbands fit for lounging.

The designer also found middle ground between a jacket buttoned and undone... with his incorporation of a harness to keep both sides of outerwear pieces loosely fastened, appealing to the man who finds fastening and undoing his jacket on-the-go a tad too troublesome. 

To see the full collection, click on the slideshow below.


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