Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Philipp Plein

Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Philipp Plein

Monster truck madness

Text: Norman Tan

First thoughts: Is this a fashion show or concert? Philipp Plein shelled out on the theatrics for another jaw-dropping menswear show. Scratch that. Extravaganza.

Which one of these is not like the others: Monster trucks, flaming car burn-outs, daredevil motorcyclists or menswear? That's right, good ol' menswear. It was pretty clear that it wasn't going to be a run-of-the-mill fashion show when we were welcomed at registration by the Globe of Death; that is, three death-defying motorcyclists lapping a spherical metal cage.

With the hashtag #PLEINPUNK... splashed in large silver capitals across the over-arching entrance, the walk to the runway seats (note: 'runway' is used rather loosely here in want of a better term; indeed, 'concert-like enclosure' may be more accurate) resembled a used-car impound, except the vehicles were spray-painted in metallic silver and gold.

When the show finally started... LED-lighted motorcyclists stormed down the runway, a flaming vehicle smoked up the venue by performing burn-outs, and a whaling cop car (in pursuit of the bandit driver) screeched to a halt at the end of the runway to drop off rapper Tyga. A performance of Rack City followed; crowd insanity ensued. 

And all this before... even one thread of clothing had been proffered for assessment. But when the time came, it was model of the moment Lucky Blue Smith who started proceedings, entering the arena on the back of a motorbike — standing tall, clenched fist thrust into the air — before jumping onto the dirt runway to lead a cavalcade of models wearing slashed cotton tees and ripped jeans paired with a myriad of studded leather jackets.

Amid all the theatrics... from pulsating lights to monster trucks crushing used-cars stacked down the middle of the runway (before setting off a waterfall of gold fireworks), it was easy to miss the menswear — you simply didn't know where to look. But one could not forget the sneakers with LED-lighted soles. Now that, my friends, is just badass.

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