Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Calvin Klein Collection

Milan Men's Fashion Week SS16: Calvin Klein Collection

The 90s rejigged

Text: Andrea Sim

Calvin Klein Collection brings us an update of an era: The 90s' visors, denim and luster receive the new millennium revamp

Influence from the tail-end of the 20th century starts out subtle... but modest shimmer obscured by a jacket quickly gives way to full-on luster combined with sheer form-fitting sleeves. Progressively, visor moments topped off the references. 

Designer Italo Zucchelli rejigs the era's iconic sartorial markers with his choice colour palette... which incorporates an olive green and biscotti toned canvas as base for the '90s sheen and motifs. 

The footwear harks the brand's minimalistic slant... with the same pair of sandals reworked in different shades for every look. Mirroring the collection's colour wheel, olive green, cream, white and black were runway staples. 

Even monochrome was subject to that '90s spin... with Look 32 suggestive of inspiration taken from Boyz II Men. The signature elongated hoodie thrown over an all-white ensemble seems to be a nod towards a time of boyband prime. 

Navy on black is always a winner... and Zucchelli is well aware. Look 36 is our choice ensemble for its ace colour combination. Understated details like the graphic socks and sheen on the shirt does well in breaking the solids. 

To see the full collection, click on the slideshow below. 


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