Gucci cruise 2018: The hilarious new slogans you will soon see everywhere


Text: Jolene Khor

It's business as usual at Alessandro Michele's Gucci, but that's not to say the cruise collection didn't command many a double take

What: Gucci cruise 2018 show
Where: Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy
When: 1:00am Singapore time on 30 May 2017

Botticelli, Titian, Uccello, Velázquez... Gucci.

It may be slightly blasphemous to make comparisons between the Renaissance artists whose work hang on the walls of the Palatine Gallery at the Pitti Palace in Florence, and the storied house that is Gucci, but the two universes did not exist on a parallel plane at the cruise 2018 show. 'Tis the season notorious for celebrated luxury names to outshine, outstage and outshadow one another with jaw dropping show locations. Louis Vuitton took over the Miho Museum, while Dior got down and dirty at the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon of California. And though Prada's homecoming to Osservatorio, Fondazione Prada at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (its first boutique ever!) was premeditated, Gucci's return to its founding city was not part of Michele's plan A. It's unclear why the original idea to unveil the collection to the backdrop of Acropolis of Athens, the ancient citadel in Greece, fell through, but this we are sure of: It was testament to the saying, "things happen for a reason".

Michele's cruise 2018 collection was everything we've come to love (and expect) from the eccentric designer — the granny florals, embellished sunglasses, satin quilted bomber jackets and bows printed, pussy, striped and spotted were all present and accounted for, peppered throughout his staggering 115 looks. Heavy, especially for what was once known as a filler season. Lest you think Michele's cornered himself into a geek chic typecast, he punctuated his idiosyncratic aesthetic with relics of the historical period enveloping his runway and guests. (Hey, Elton John!).

Lush fur-trimmed cloaks, ornamental gilded headpieces, stiff square collars on jacquard, and leg of mutton sleeves inflated and laced — stamped in the Gucci crest of course — made for excellent reminders of the classical age that once was, and how far ahead of time its geniuses were; a description editors of the future may choose to impart on Michele, if they haven't already.

Speaking of that ubiquitous GG logo, those who managed to turn a left cheek in past Gucci collections are sure not to be blinded to it now. You're calling for the logomania to give up its FROW? Feel free to get in line. We'll say though, that the ball that rolls downhill only continues to gain momentum before its halt, however long a way its got to go. In this regard, Michele's self-awareness pays off. The new slogans, "Guccy", "Guccification" and "Guccify Yourself", were used not sparingly. Exploitation? No. Capitalization. And while the rest of us snigger at the absurdity of the hype sure to come, Michele will have the last laugh. Probably at the bank too.


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