Ganni x Levi's: Scandinavian fashion heavyweight's collaboration is only available for rent

Ganni x Levi's: Scandinavian fashion heavyweight's collaboration is only available for rent

Across the Atlantic

Text: Melina Chua

From playful contemporary styles to an effortless take on design, Copenhagen-based fashion label Ganni has achieved its coveted cult status due to a variety of reasons. But above all, it leads with innovation and consistency when it comes to stemming its devotion to sustainability – a refreshing phenomenon in fashion to see today.

Last year, the label launched Ganni Repeat, a low-impact rental initiative within Denmark encouraging customers to participate in a growing sharing economy by renting not purchasing. Selected fashion pieces were available for rent for a maximum of three weeks. In addition, according to its Responsibility Report for 2019, the brand made a commitment to collaborate with industry partners to seek long-term solutions in redeeming fashion’s controversial name in sustainability.

Ganni Levis

This season, Ganni makes good on its promise. Joining hands with American denim brand Levi’s, it amplifies its commitment to circular fashion across the Atlantic. The result of this iconic alliance? A fantastically chic rental-only capsule collection consisting of three upcycled denim pieces – a western shirt, a shirtdress, and a pair of jeans – with hybrid patchwork design.

"Working with an iconic brand like Levi's is a dream come true," explains DitteReffstrup, Ganni's Creative Director. "I still have a pair of 501s that I've had since Iwas a teen. These pieces are so versatile. You can wear them high or low waistedand style with a detachable belt. The beauty of good denim is it just gets better overtime."

Ganni Levis

The collection, titled “Love Letter”, represents a celebration of denim’s longevity, wearability, and versatility through the lens of Ganni. Featuring detachable collars and adjustable waistlines, handpicked leftover vintage Levi’s 501 jeans from the archives have been transformed into effortless wardrobe staples, complete with distinctly Ganni finishes from ruffled bib collars to flared sleeves.

Designed to be “worn by many, owned by none”, the pieces are available for rent between one to three weeks. Packages are delivered using reusable material, and worn garments will have to meet rigorous cleaning requirements before being returned to inventory. While “Love Letter” is currently only available for rent in Denmark, United States and United Kingdom, there is hope that future collections will eventually make their way to Asia.

In spite of its gleaming efforts towards sustainable fashion, however, Ganni admittedly insists that it is “not a sustainable brand” – simply one that is trying “to do better”. If only more brands took a leaf from Ganni’s book and practised actual social responsibility over regurgitating mere rhetoric. Wouldn’t that be nice?

See the collection here.