Best shows from NYFWM FW18: Feng Chen Wang, Carlos Campos and N.Hoolywood

Best shows from NYFWM FW18: Feng Chen Wang, Carlos Campos and N.Hoolywood

New York Fashion Week Men's: Day 2

Text: Veronika Bondarenko

Feng Chen Wang sends out an ode to home, Carlos Campos samples the style of a mariachi performer and N.Hoolywood ventures into a danger zone

The collection: Home is in the heart but, for Feng Chen Wang, it is also on the shirt sleeves. To pay homage to her roots, the Chinese designer embroidered the address of her childhood house on many of the pieces in her latest collection. Whether in the form of denim (look 14), slouchy knit sweaters (look 2) or the oversized boyfriend shirt (looks 8 and 13), each of Wang's pieces practically exudes a sense of warmth and comfort. Of course, the set was also not without its share of more eccentric tours de force — metallic pants (looks 2, 4 and 5), bright orange puffer jackets (look 24) and a shirt made from a dozen, sewn-together sleeves (look 9).

Upon closer inspection: The designer's nod to home was present in almost every piece, whether in the form of a keychain accessory (look 7) or white boots with 'the way home' emblazoned on the front (look 24).

Special note: Pockets with stripes running in the opposite direction (looks 13 and 19) gave a streetwear twist to classics like the boyfriend shirt.

The collection: Latin culture provides a constant source of inspiration for designer Carlos Campos — this time, he based his pieces on the suave style of late mariachi performer Juan Gabriel. This came out as a smooth look drawing almost exclusively on a palette of blacks, whites and shimmering navy colors. Heavy with details such as pointed collars (looks 2, 7 and 9) or charro-inspired patterning (look 25), the best looks included a loose-fitting white suit (look 1) and the dark silk shirt-and-trousers combos (looks 12, 14 and 15) that the Mexican legend loved so much.

Buro loves: Campos also managed to show his skill through outerwear — the navy cape with the thin white border (look 26) is a work of art.

Celeb spotting: Whoopi Goldberg was spotted taking selfies with some of the guests at the end of the show.

The collection: The world of hard hats and construction work inspired Japanese designer Daisuke Obana's latest runway collection, with pieces drawing heavily upon baggy parkas (looks 1, 2 and 4) and bright orange shades. The Japanese designer wanted streetwear that felt tough and durable; from that come wide-strap overalls (looks 7 and 16) alongside slouchy beanies (looks 2, 7 and 23), hoodies (looks 3, 14 and 16) and the iconic beige workboot (looks 9, 14 and 15).

The backdrop: The warehouse setting turned the runway into a bona fide construction site, complete with worksite noises and real scissor lifts for effect.

Something you might have missed: Obana has a history of making political statements through his clothes — this time, he brought out real-life construction workers on the runway alongside the models.

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