5 times Fendi made a splash at the Trevi Fountain with their fall 2016 couture collection

5 times Fendi made a splash at the Trevi Fountain with their fall 2016 couture collection


Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Fendi
Image: Instagram | @miraduma,

From exclusive Fendi flights to a perspex runway erected over the Fontana di Trevi, see the best moments from the Italian maison's 90th anniversary couture extravaganza


Mira Duma, Fendi Haute Fourrure fall 2016

Proving that there's no better way to get to Rome than on an exclusive Fendi flight, the industry's jet-set attendees made their way to the fall 2016 haute fourrure (French for fur) show on private planes. 


Fendi Haute Couture fall 2016 Fountain Trevi

After a 2.4 million dollar restoration last year that brought the historic monument back to its full glory, the Trevi Fountain played home to the house's latest couture creations. Backdropped by the Palazzo Poli once owned by the Duke of Conti, cascading mini waterfalls glistened to the lilting notes of the show music, and ushered Fendi's fur masterpieces across the runway. Which brings us to... 


Kendall Jenner, FEndi Haute Couture fall 2016 Trevi Fountain

Suspended across the width of Fontana di Trevi, face of Fendi Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Lineisy Montero amongst others, moved gracefully across the waters, kitted in the playful pieces from the collection titled Legends and Fairy Tales.


And befitting it was, to spin 46 looks inspired by the lofty realms of princes and princesses, enchanted forests and mystical animals. Delivering the collection in a delectable concoction of floaty organza, textural velvets and lush furs, it was the embroidery that truly exhibited Fendi's footing in the world of couture. Floral and feathered appliqués — and even hand-painted princess motifs — brought Karl Lagerfeld's designs to life, made possible by artisans that spent between 200 to 600 hours turning the dresses and furs into reality. All accompanied by hair stylist Sam McKnight's Goldilocks-esque ringlets on every model.


Of course, the collection wouldn't be complete without the house's famed accessories. Right on the pulse with the season's theme and recalling the money pouches from medieval days of yore, embroidered drawstring pochettes were the finishing touch on Fendi's fourrure fairy tale.

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