Best shows from New York Men's Fashion Week SS18: Deveaux and Ovadia & Sons

Best shows from New York Men's Fashion Week SS18: Deveaux and Ovadia & Sons

Day 3

Text: Veronika Bondarenko

Deveaux redefines a working wardrobe; Ovadia & Sons marries ska culture with the spirit of an urban explorer

The collection: Deveaux's signature palette of classic colours returned with many an oversized blazer (looks 6 and 11) and crinkled trouser (looks 5, 7 and 8) for the spring. Designers Matt Breen, Andrea Tsao and Patrick Doss answered the perennial question, "What does it means to be cazh yet sophisticated?" with ensembles of blacks, blues and beiges constructed slouchily (looks 5, 8 and 10) and accented with geometric prints (looks 13, 14 and 15). This season's pieces lack a commitment to a decade — at a glance, we spotted '90s three-button suit jackets, 50s button down polos among others — but that's a good thing. True to the menswear maxim, it's not so much what you wear as it is how you wear it. And Breen, Tsao and Doss had a few fresh ideas: their Deveaux recommended generously cut slacks with Velcro sneakers; tucking a blazer in high waist paperbag trousers; layering a hoodie with a cardigan of the same fabric.

Set design: The collection premiered at EN Japanese Brasserie, an eatery known to attract New York's trendy. Minimalistic décor blended with Japanese wood carvings to create a set worthy of the clothes.

Investment in this: The blazers! Whether classically cut (look 16) or oversized (look 11), a stylish dinner jacket in a neutral color will serve you season upon season.

The collection: With purples so bright they'd make Prince proud (looks 3, 5 and 7), to the cartoony leopard designs (looks 2 and 4), and jock jackets (looks 10, 13 and 23), this season's Ovadia & Sons collection was a gift to all men — in the sense that there was a little something for everyone. Now in their seventh year, Brooklyn brothers Shimon and Ariel Ovadia shook up their array of streetwear with an update to their bread and butter; namely tracksuits in chilli red (look21), more of the '90s trench seen all over NYFW: Men's (looks 5 and 32) as well as bucket hats (looks 1 and 2), the other trend gaining serious traction all over. As always, the boys' pieces exuded sporty luxury — albeit this season, with a more daring paintbrush.

Something you might have missed: A print full of skulls and fairy-tale creatures (looks 22, 25) came from the designers' collaboration with Ukrainian artists.

Buro loves: The baseball jacket in star-spangled banner (look 10) and the leather jacket with leopard trims (look 3). Rock star uniform, sorted.

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