Watch: Delpozo fall/winter 2017 show

Live from New York

Text: Andrea Sim

Tune in at 12:00am Singapore time on 16 February

Ask anyone who has had the privilege to attend a top-tier fashion show and they'll tell you that the struggle in this digital age is the constant, aching need to snap and Instagram. Thom Browne's two dimensional suits? Click. Dolce & Gabbana's influencer-model line-up? Click, click. Supreme on the Louis Vuitton runways? You know how it goes by now. The thing is, you end up soaking it all in through the phone screen — just like a non-show goer scrolling through their feed for live updates — despite being physically seated in the front row. But at Delpozo, there's something about Josep Font's breathtakingly sculptural collections that lifts this digital haze. Also choosing to show with purely just clothes — which means, no top models to gape at or impressive show set to distract — the architect turned designer's whimsical creations holds its own as a visual feast any fashion lover shouldn't miss. Check back at 12am to see the latest collection first-hand.