Our favourite cruise 2019 pieces you won't regret investing in

Our favourite cruise 2019 pieces you won't regret investing in

Choose wisely

Text: Jolene Khor

It's 2018 going on 2019. The cool factor shouldn't be reason enough for you to whip out the Visa

How many fashion seasons are there in a year?

The answer to that question if asked a decade ago will be a simple, "Two": spring/summer and fall/winter. Just like the wrinkles on our faces, the number of seasons on the vogue calendar, to the dismay of many a creative, grows with time. The brutal breakdown that splices the seasons into micro sub-genres in 2018 also split the heads of those bound by duty (read: airtight contracts imposed by their CEOs) to abide by the new wave. Industry heavyweights the likes of Raf Simons and Alexandra Shulman continue to resist, with the latter describing the system which forces designers to create faster so clients can consume more, to be making "very little sense". But yet, here we are.

Less in-demand than holiday collections but far more relevant than pre-spring and pre-fall lines, cruise 2019 has arrived. In attempt to practice what we preach, we're here to trim the fat — that is to say, highlight only the pieces worthy of our endorsement, nature's labour and your hard-earned money.

Below, we present to you the absolute must-buys of the aforementioned season, if you feel so inclined to oblige.

1. The plissé skirts at Dior
Pretty much everything Maria Grazia Chiuri weaves at the house of Christian Dior turns into gold, particularly the Book Tote bag. But the full skirts in double pleats have mainstay potential no matter the decade.



2. The winter trooper hats at Prada
Pro: You'll always be able to hide wintry bedheads and you'll never be lost on the slopes. Con: You can't suck.



3. The chain mail purse at Moschino
The '90s is the tattoo of fashion — it ain't going nowhere. So go on, chain mail yourself. It's only a matter of time.



4. The brooches at Gucci
It's cool now because we're currently in a period fashion historians will one day call the Gucci Renaissance. It'll still be cool later when people think your pins lived the era of Elton John.



5. The new sneaker at Louis Vuitton
If you have to have another pair of chunky sneakers, let it be Louis Vuitton's Archlight High-Top Leather Monogram. The re-sale value after you wear it five times will be phenomenal.  



6. The archival prints at Valentino
What comes after the boom of streetwear? Those of us at Buro are willing to bet that the pendulum will swing to the bourgeois. Valentino's tailoring is the natural antidote to slouchy tees.



7. The coats (duh?) at Max Mara
A Max Mara coat, when treated right, is made to stick around. Imperfect creatures in need of a replacement, let it be the silk organza camel variety with sackcloth detailing — seen below, second from right.